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Trade Rumors

Winter Meeting Eve Rumor Roundup

07.12.2008 33 comments

UPDATED 12.08.08 5:08 a.m. Tomorrow is the start of the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas and things are going to get crazy-stupid when it comes to rumors and people who saw people talking to people. It was at the winter meetings last year (a year ago last Thursday to be exact) when the Tigers traded […]

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Jack Wilson post

04.12.2008 56 comments

No time to post now (day job and all), but there are rumors and denials about a Jack Wilson trade and I know people want to discuss it. Here’s the link to MLB Trade Rumors which will be on top of this. UPDATED: So there are more rumors and denials. All linked at the MLBTR […]

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Catch-all post

17.11.2008 64 comments

I know there is a lot of interest in some of the rumors swirling around the Tigers (like Julio Lugo) and that people want to comment on signings that may or may not effect the Tigers  (Jeremy Affeldt).  While I don’t have a lot to say about these things (though I don’t want Lugo and […]

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No on Varitek, No on Laird, Yes on Bard

10.11.2008 63 comments

The Tigers are in the hunt for a catcher. Brandon Inge has been moved to third base and Dusty Ryan may be ready to contribute at the big league level, but I don’t think anybody is comfortable with him being handed the full load at this point. With this need has come speculation about where […]

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Rumors, Rumors everywhere

04.11.2008 88 comments

A lot of talk, A lot of speculation piping out of the GM meetings in California. Right now it seems like most teams are in on most players. But there are some names being rumored to the Tigers. Today’s rumor and moderately relevant news rundown: The Tigers are in on Rafael Furcal, or at least […]

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Why look elsewhere for bullpen help?

28.07.2008 138 comments

One area where the Tigers have been rumored to be shoppers is the bullpen. It’s a situation that has been exacerbated by Todd Jones’s failures, Freddy Dolsi’s shoulder fatigue, and Joel Zumaya’s tricep issues and general control problems. But why don’t the Tigers look inside the organization? After all this is a team that used […]

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As the Trade Winds Blow

24.07.2008 31 comments

With a week before the non-waiver trade deadline, rumors are flying everywhere. A quick round-up of Tigers items of note so far: It appears that the Tigers had scouts at the Orioles/Blue Jays game when A.J. Burnett started. Whether they were scouting Burnett or lefty reliever George Sherrill is unclear. The Tigers could of course […]

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Inge to catch more, Pudge to catch less

09.06.2008 13 comments

In today’s edition of what’s up Jimmy’s sleeve, we find an alternating catcher. The announcement came down today that Pudge isn’t the regular catcher any more. He and Brandon Inge will rotate behind the plate. Neither are really hitting worth a lick and at this point Inge is probably the better defensive catcher anyways. Plus […]

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Junkballing: Just a link dump


No rhyme, reason, or subheadings. Just a quick link dump as I watch Jair Jurrjens carve up the Pirates. Kaline or Clemente: Joe Posnanski tackles who was the better sixties right fielder. Tigers interested in Cordero?: Ian points to a report that the Tigers inquired about Chad Cordero during spring training. I don’t make too […]

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Leyland and stomach have conversation

22.03.2008 1 comment

Jim Leyland’s gut is telling him that a trade for bullpen help is on the horizon. “I think there is a strong possibility that something could happen in the next few days,” Leyland said. “I think that’s a strong possibility. I don’t know if anything will happen. It’s kind of my gut telling me it’s […]

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Fanning the Inge/Thames trade fires

19.03.2008 18 comments

While the players had a day off today, I’m sure that the front office was continuing to work the phones. News of another injury in Dodgertown may be a catalyst for a Brandon Inge trade while more Marcus Thames rumors swirl. I saw it first on Spot Starters that the Dodgers back up plan for […]

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Inge trade not likely

15.03.2008 6 comments

Dave Dombrowski told the Lakeland Ledger that he doesn’t expect Brandon Inge to be traded before the season opens. While there is still speculation that the Giants or Dodgers might have interest it appears that the teams aren’t really close to a trade. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for the Dodgers to take […]

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