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Tigers I have known

01.06.2009 41 comments

A quick look at some former Tigers and their performances in their new homes: Gary Sheffield Sheffield is in the midst of that bounce back season that many were hoping for, and few were expecting. He has a 292/433/521 line and is walking in one out of every 5 plate appearances. And Mets fans are […]

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Some more Sheffield stuff

31.03.2009 20 comments

I was going to just ammend the original post, but enough time has passed, and I ‘ve read plenty, and I have a number of thoughts about this, so we’ll start a new post. Risk/Reward When the Tigers acquired Josh Anderson on Monday I thought it was a very strong possibility that Marcus Thames career […]

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Gary Sheffield released

31.03.2009 91 comments

Wow. I actually suspected that at some point this year Gary Sheffield would get released. I didn’t expect the week before the season began. Being owed $14 million I thought that the Tigers would give Sheffield a chance to perform before cutting their losses. The timing of this is stunning and puts yesterday’s move into […]

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Daily Linking – 9/19/08

19.09.2008 2 comments

Links of note, or stuff I find interesting, or stuff I think you might find interesting Offseason Outlook: Detroit Tigers: MLB Rumors – – Tim Dierkes continues his series by looking at the Tigers From a Uni Watch interview of NY Times’ Yankees beat writer Tyler Kepner: UW: Who is the most… – Bless […]

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Junkballing: Booing, Injuries, Waivers and Minors

14.08.2008 8 comments

A hodgepodge of all the stuff that went down this week that just didn’t fit anywhere else: Much ado about a boo A lot of disgruntled fans did a lot of booing this week. Gary Sheffield received his share when culmination about frustration with his production collided with Sheff being Sheff. That was noisy, but […]

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Sheffield on waivers isn’t news

12.08.2008 45 comments

Gary Sheffield was placed on waivers today. This is a non-event. The only reason this is currently noteworthy is that it didn’t happen earlier. The only way it becomes noteworthy is if a team puts in a claim. Just because Sheffield is on waivers does not mean he is going anywhere. These are revocable waivers […]

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Sheffield talks about stuff

10.08.2008 58 comments

Gary Sheffield still isn’t happy with his DH role. In a Boston Globe article Sheffield was his typically candid self. “I can be in the outfield and play every day. I don’t want to DH. I don’t feel like a baseball player when I DH. I don’t know how to be the leader that I […]

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As the Trade Winds Blow

24.07.2008 31 comments

With a week before the non-waiver trade deadline, rumors are flying everywhere. A quick round-up of Tigers items of note so far: It appears that the Tigers had scouts at the Orioles/Blue Jays game when A.J. Burnett started. Whether they were scouting Burnett or lefty reliever George Sherrill is unclear. The Tigers could of course […]

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I will not title this post “Shef is cooking”

27.06.2008 52 comments

So maybe adding Gary Sheffield to the lineup won’t disrupt chemistry. Maybe the winning streak coinciding with Sheffield on the DL was coincidence and maybe he isn’t a cancer. And just maybe, the guy can still play. I was amazed at the number of people who thought there was causation in that Sheffield being on […]

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Sheffield activated?

23.06.2008 62 comments

UPDATE: Sheffield has been reinstated and Larish has been optioned to Toledo. There’s been no official word from the Tigers yet, but it appears that Gary Sheffield is Detroit bound. According to the Lakeland Ledger, Sunday’s game was Sheffield’s last rehab outing and he left to join the team. During Sheffield’s rehab stint he only […]

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Ramblings on Sheff’s rehab

17.06.2008 93 comments

With Gary Sheffield beginning his rehab assignment I’ve heard quite a bit from Tigers fans that are actually concerned that Sheffield is coming back. Sheffield and his struggles have been received a considerable portion of the blame for the Tigers struggles. Now that the team is playing better and Sheffield isn’t around, people don’t want […]

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Tigers Minor League Wrap & Rehab Report: 6-16-08


Syracuse 2 Toledo 5Joel Zumaya pitched 1 inning, allowing 2 hits and an unearned run, but he walked no one and fanned 2. Clete Thomas is playing again and was a triple short of the cycle with 2 stolen bases so the ankle is probably okay. Chris Lambert fanned 6 in 6 innings while only […]

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