About the Site

Detroit Tigers Weblog was launched in July, 2001. At the time it was the only Tigers blog and it resided as a blogspot page. There were multiple authors and it mostly consisted of links to the rare times the Tigers were mentioned in the national media. We only had a few dozen hits a day and I couldn’t even spell RSS. We’ve come a long ways since then.

The site currently has a sole author (me), but it receives contributions from many commentors. As the team has grown more successful, so has the volume of posting and interest in the site. The site has been mentioned in the Flint Journal, Crains Detroit Business, SI.com, and ESPN.com.

The site strives to provide original research and commentary about our beloved Detroit Tigers as well as links to interesting and thought provoking articles from across the internet.

In 2008 Billfer – the author of DTW – was heard several times talking Tigers on 1130 WDFN and 101.9 WDET.

About the Author

Bill Ferris, better known on the internets as billfer, has been blogging since April 2001. He’s going to stop talking in the 3rd person now because it is weirding him out.

I worked for a decade as an Industrial Engineer for a Detroit area health care provider. For the last year I have managed the intranet and social media sites for the same employer. I didn’t know I could write, but after several years of toiling on various blogs (Baseblogging.net, TVforTots.com) it has become something that I really enjoy. Recently I contributed articles for the 2008 Hardball Times Annual and Tigers Corner 2008.

I fancy myself a sabermetrician which is reflected in much of my analysis. Still, I’m a fan first and find myself rooting for players that aren’t really saber-favorites. Really, I’m more of a fanalyst.

I grew up with the Tigers of the 80’s and Lou Whitaker is by far my favorite player of all time. But now I’m enjoying sharing my passion for baseball with my kids. I live vicariously through them in that I get to see the game for the pure joy of it without having to worry about contracts, and arbitration, and steroids and the like.