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    Game 2015.49: Tigers at Angels

    The Tigers exploded for 3 runs yesterday, which was enough to hold off the A’s for a 3-2 victory and series win. 4 runs in 3 games isn’t the...

    Detroit Tigers vs Oakland Athletics

    Game 2015.48: Tigers at Athletics

    Perhaps he stayed up to watch the Tigers’ nail-biter last night; perhaps he was already asleep by then. Either way, Kyle Ryan couldn’t possibly have anticipated a call from...


    Game 2015.47: Tigers at Athletics

    Well, that was a forgettable start to the road trip, wasn’t it? Actually, it wasn’t as forgettable as I wish it were. It was also, somehow, the first time...


    Game 2015.46: Tigers at Athletics

    Well, and here I thought having Dixon Machado called up would mean that we’d be spared the awe-inspiring sight of Hernan Perez at the plate for a while. A...