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    Daniel Norris

    Game 2015.132: Tigers at Royals

    JV is getting into a groove. The defenses miscues are troubling. Lots of guys look like they have checked out. 1. Anthony Gose, CF 2. Ian Kinsler, 2B 3. Miguel...


    Game 2015.131: Tigers at Royals

    Hello Friends - There are still 32 games left for the Tigers to sink further into the depths of the AL standings. I don’t think there is anything that...


    Game 2015.130: Tigers at Blue Jays

    Well, yesterday’s game was about as ugly as it gets. Edwin Encarnacion had 3 home runs and 9 RBI, which is about a month’s work for Victor Martinez. Which...


    Game 2015.129: Tigers at Blue Jays

    Today Buck Farmer takes his turn at trying to keep the Blue Jays in the yard. This lineup is truly potent, as opposed to the “potent” Tigers offense that...