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    Playoffs?! Playoffs?!

    Yes, playoffs! I figured I would throw out a new post for pre-ALDS talk. As you may have heard by now, the Tigers have announced their starting rotation for...

    Price 9-27-14

    Game 2014.162: Twins at Tigers

    89-72, 1 game up, magic number is 1. It’s pretty simple here friends. Thanks to the White Sox, the Tigers still control their own destiny, even if those evil...

    Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins - Game One

    Game 2014.161: Twins at Tigers

    89-71, 1 game up, magic number is 2. Alright everybody, get your game faces on. The playoffs start today. We can’t sit around and wait for the Royals to...

    9-26-14 VMart

    Game 2014.160: Twins at Tigers

    89-70, magic number is 2. Up against the clock today, so I’ll just make one quick point. Are the Tigers the hottest AL team entering the playoffs?… Swarzak v....