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    Daniel Norris

    Game 2015.127: Angels at Tigers

    I wish I had more time to give JV his full due, and to apologize in part for some things I may have said earlier this year…but I doubt...

    Baseball is fun1

    JV Reminds Detroit Baseball is Fun

    The 2015 Detroit Tigers season will go down as a failure. A constant stream of faint hope drowned by a deluge of disappointment. At a point in the season...


    Game 2015.126: Angels at Tigers

    Only 36 games to go. If the Tigers go 36-0 they likely won’t win the division. Btw, we’re in last place. LAST PLACE. 1. LF Rajai Davis 2. 2B...


    Game 2015.125: Angels at Tigers

    Not gonna lie, I’m more into football season now. 1. Anthony Gose, CF 2. Jose Iglesias, SS 3. Miguel Cabrera, DH 4. Victor Martinez, 1B 5. J.D. Martinez, RF 6. Tyler...