Game 2017.160: Tigers at Twins

How ’bout those Twins!

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler 2B
  2. Alex Presley DH
  3. Nick Castellanos RF
  4. Jeimer Candelario 3B
  5. Efren Navarro 1B
  6. James McCann C
  7. Andrew Romine LF
  8. Jacoby Jones CF
  9. Dixon Machado SS

Pitching: Matthew Boyd vs Kyle Gibson

6 thoughts on “Game 2017.160: Tigers at Twins”

  1. It occurred to me that Lettuce can not play a full inning at each position Sunday unless the games is tied or the Tigers are winning at the end of 8 full innings. That seems unlikely so I’m betting he cuts the catcher position short.

    1. I’ll post this again so Brad can read it. Actually, the injuries force me to revise it. Man oh man. Gotta sort this out.

      1. 1. Kinsler 2B-1B
        2. Presley RF-LF
        3. Hicks 1B-C
        4. Castellanos DH
        5. Candelario 3B-1B
        6. Navarro LF-1B (exits after 4th inning)
        *** Collins LF (enters in 5th inning)
        7. Jones CF-LF
        8. Romine C-LF-CF-RF-3B-2B-1B-SS-P
        *** McCann C (enters in 8th inning)
        9. Iglesias SS (exits after 8th inning)
        *** Machado SS (enters in 9th inning)

        1st inning: Romine catches.
        2nd inning: Hicks replaces Romine at C, Romine replaces Navarro in LF, and Navarro replaces Hicks at 1B.
        3rd inning: Romine moves to CF, and Jones moves to LF.
        4th inning: Jones goes back to CF, Romine moves to RF, and Presley moves to LF.
        5th inning: Presley replaces Romine in RF, Collins enters the game to replace Presley in LF, Romine replaces Candelario at 3B, Candelario replaces Navarro at 1B, and Navarro leaves the game.
        6th inning: Romine moves to 2B, Kinsler moves to 1B, and Candelario goes back to 3B.
        7th inning: Romine moves to 1B, and Kinsler goes back to 2B.
        8th inning, Hicks replaces Romine at 1B, McCann enters the game to replace Hicks at C, Romine replaces Iglesias at SS, and Iglesias leaves the game.
        9th inning: Machado enters the game to replace Romine at SS, and Romine moves to P, pitching to one batter or as long as practical given the game situation.

        In the event of the Twins being so far ahead by the 8th inning that they won’t likely bat in the 9th, Romine can move to P and Machado to SS with two outs in the bottom of the 8th.

        There you go, Mr. Brad Ausmus. Do it. Take your advice from a casual fan. What have you got to lose?

    1. How is that from the Stats Aren’t Everything Department? (And there are 10, not 11.) That would seem to be from the Stats Don’t Lie Department. This has been among the worst pitching staffs in franchise history, possibly *the* worst.

      Not including Romine, the Tigers have used 28 pitchers. 22 with ERA over 5.00, which is where bad begins with current league norms.

      FIP ERA (Fielding Independent Pitching): 18 pitchers over 5.00.
      K/BB ratio: 20 pitchers with less than 2.2 K per 1 BB.
      WHIP: 24 pitchers at 1.405 or above. Horrid.
      HR/9: 11 pitchers 1.6 and above. This group allowed 52% of the HR in 28% of the IP. At that rate, the Tigers would currently have allowed 401 HR in 2017 (compared to 213 actual).
      23 blown saves to go with 31 saves. Ugh.
      17-28 W-L for the bullpen, by far the worst in MLB. Not just for this stat. How bad was the bullpen?
      Among the least used in MLB, and yet…
      Worst in the AL in ER, HR, K, WHIP, batting average, 2nd worst in BB, 2nd most hits (and HR) allowed in MLB.

      Think Shane Greene is great? He’s not. The Tigers have one good pitcher named Michael Fulmer. That’s it.

      One good pitcher, a 25 year old DH, and zero outstanding complete position players, and perhaps one MLB-ready prospect on hand. Talk about rebuilding from the ground up. Why does the Illitch family not intend to sell, again? Maybe because no one wants to buy the team?

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