Jayson Stark reports that Chris Holt could be on the trading block. Sounds good to me.

Greenberg documentary to be released on DVD/Video October 9th
I caught part of this when it aired on HBO back in April, and what I saw was excellent

In Peter Gammons latest column, he quoted an AL GM who said this about Roger Cedeno:

“…given his ability to get on base the last three years and his power, I’d rather have him than (Johnny) Damon”

I’ve got $5 that says the unnamed GM is Randy Smith.

Please excuse the cynicism, but now that Bryce Florie has been released, is he the next former Tiger pitcher to be recycled? I can just hear Randy Smith at the press conference now: “Bryce has great stuff, we’re hoping that a change of scenery will help him out.”

Detroit Tigers’ greatest moment
The Free Press is asking readers to vote for their favorite Tiger moment of all time.

Do you think that Fox Sports uses Tom Paciorek as a color commentator to make Kirk Gibson seem less annoying?

Tigers rank 25th on ESPN Power Alley

Proud papa Higginson is week’s best
Higgy is named AL Player of the Week