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2009 Season

Minor notes: Protection, Bourquin, and the AFL

19.11.2009 15 comments

A look at some minor league notes including Scot Drucker’s modest proposal, Ronnie Bourquin’s suspension, and the AFL championship game.

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Playing in the spray – Curtis Granderson

16.11.2009 25 comments

Curtis Granderson’s 2009 season has received plenty of scrutiny, and this was even before trade rumors crept up. His .249 batting average was the lowest of his career and it was a drag on his on base percentage and slugging percentage as well. We know batting average is volatile so did Granderson just suffer from some bad luck, or did something else change? Fortunately we have hit location data to help shed some light on these questions.

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Thumbnail image for Cabrera, Verlander, Porcello win 2009 DIBS Honors

Cabrera, Verlander, Porcello win 2009 DIBS Honors

16.11.2009 2 comments

Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera and starting pitcher Justin Verlander were voted the Tigers’ top positional player and top pitcher of 2009, in a vote conducted by the Detroit Independent Baseball Scribes.

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Thumbnail image for The Tigers AFL Update

The Tigers AFL Update


Things continue to go well for the Tigers’ Arizona contingent – excepting Scott Sizemore’s injury of course. Robbie Weinhardt’s rough 3 outing start is a thing of the past. Casper Wells continues to hit. Andy Oliver, Thad Weber, and Scot Drucker are all seeing some success as the Peoria Javelinas lead the league.

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What the heck is going on (re: trade rumors)?

11.11.2009 49 comments

I don’t remember the general manager meetings being this interesting in past years. Most of the action seems to usually take place at the winter meetings that take place in December. This year the GM meetings have served Tigers fans up with a disconcerting set of rumors with the Tigers making most of the team available for trade. But does this qualify as a fire sale?

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Thumbnail image for Polanco gets some Gold Love

Polanco gets some Gold Love

10.11.2009 2 comments

At least one Tiger is assured of some post season hardware. Placido Polanco won his second Gold Glove for excellence in the field of fielding. Polanco had a very fine defensive season and he was one of a handful of players (Mark Ellis, Dustin Pedroia, Aaron Hill) who were deserving at second base.

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Thumbnail image for Culling the Bill James Handbook

Culling the Bill James Handbook

08.11.2009 2 comments

One of the few positives of the end of the baseball season is the Annual Bill James Handbook (aff link) arriving on my doorstep. At one time it was the only place to easily find a number of uncommon stats. Sites like Fangraphs and Baseball Reference and the rise of Pitch F/X data make some of these stats easier to come by, but the Handbook is still a trove of baseball stats.

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Thumbnail image for See Casper Wells and Andrew Oliver in action

See Casper Wells and Andrew Oliver in action


Sorry for the late notice, but the Arizona Fall Leauge Rising Stars All Star game is tonight and is being televised. You can catch it on the MLB Network. If you don’t have the MLB Network the game is being streamed online. The Tigers are being represented by Casper Wells and Andrew Oliver and manager […]

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Inge has his surgery

04.11.2009 2 comments

The Detroit Tigers announced third baseman Brandon Inge underwent surgery on Tuesday to address the chronic patellar tendinitis in both of his knees that plagued him throughout the 2009 season, a procedure performed by Dr. Stephen Lemos at the Detroit Medical Center.

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Comerica is not doubles friendly

27.10.2009 37 comments

Why is it that people keep insisting that Comerica Park is a great park for doubles? Is it the large centerfield? The huge-mongous gaps between the outfielders? I just don’t know but it just ain’t true but now even the general manager is saying it.

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Sizemore needs surgery

26.10.2009 18 comments

The early encouraging returns on Scott Sizemore’s broken tibia have been replaced with a cringe inducing MRI report. During his examination today, it was determined that the injury will require surgery.

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Tigers not tapped out? In on Chapman?

26.10.2009 13 comments

There are a lot of unknowns heading into the Tigers offseason, but one constant assumption has been that the Tigers are working on a limited budget. The only dispute has been how limited. Now there may be reason to doubt that assumption as the Tigers have interest in Cuban southpaw Ardolis Chapman.

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