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Some thoughts on the Ordonez situation

25.07.2010 25 comments

The news of Magglio Ordonez’s prolonged absence is certainly devastating on a number of fronts and only compounded by the loss of Carlos Guillen. Already without Brandon Inge for at least a month the Tigers lost a third of their starting lineup in the last week. It changes the outlook for the trade deadline, and may very well change the look of the 2011 team. It also likely puts a significant dent in Miguel Cabrera’s chances for a triple crown.

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They’re coming home

26.04.2010 8 comments

It looked a like laugher, but then the jokes stopped getting funny, then the Miguel Cabrera had the last laugh.

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That’s using all your outs

22.04.2010 34 comments

The Tigers performance with runners in scoring position of late has caused much consternation. Sometime the failures have just been bad, but during this recent stretch a significant portion was bad luck. It’s only fitting then that Ramon Santiago plated the go-ahead run with an “excuse-me” flop shot to left.

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Venezuelan Uprising

08.04.2010 2 comments

The Tigers offense certainly doesn’t figure to be the team’s strength in 2010. It also isn’t devoid of talent. The heart of the order is occupied by the team’s Venezuelan contingent. The trio certainly put on an offensive display in the series against the Royals and the health and production of these three are fundamental to the team’s chances this season.

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Why moving Cabrera could make it harder to keep Verlander

06.12.2009 3 comments

The good news for Tigers fans is that according to Jon Paul Morosi a couple of sources say it is unlikely that the Tigers trade Miguel Cabrera this week. Salary relief would of course be nice, but Morosi raises another good point. Trading away a team’s best player likely sends the wrong message to the player you’d like to keep around.

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Cabrera, Verlander, Porcello win 2009 DIBS Honors

16.11.2009 2 comments

Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera and starting pitcher Justin Verlander were voted the Tigers’ top positional player and top pitcher of 2009, in a vote conducted by the Detroit Independent Baseball Scribes.

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The Dombrowski Presser

08.10.2009 42 comments

Dave Dombrowski met with the press today and fielded questions for about an hour. Jaosn Beck, Tom Gage, and John Lowe had it covered. There is enough there to warrant about 6 posts worth of further explanation. But until that happens…

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Miguel Cabrera screwed up

05.10.2009 65 comments

Miguel Cabrera had a pretty crappy Friday night, and it just isn’t ending – nor should it. Cabrera screwed up big time and is deserving of the bulk of the criticism that he is receiving today. Whether it was a lapse of judgment or a habitual problem remains to be seen but getting drunk enough to blow a .26 at 6 a.m. on the morning of one of the biggest games in his Tigers career is a huge problem. The problem has since been compounded by errors in judgment by Jim Leyland and Dave Dombrowski.

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Not the dog that mauled Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera and speculation

04.10.2009 149 comments

Miguel Cabrera had an awful night at the plate on Friday. Miguel Cabrera had an awful night at the plate on Saturday. The difference between the two nights is that his face was cut and bruised on Saturday. This was quite noticeable to the media before the game and it elicited questions from Jon Paul Morosi and other media. The answer that Morosi got was that Cabrera’s dog was the culprit. It is a story that is hard to believe which has just led to more speculation.

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Is Miguel Cabrera injured?

25.04.2009 4 comments

Something is amiss with Miguel Cabrera’s left wrist. He hasn’t swung the bat well this week, and there may be a injury related explanation. After a poor at-bat Fox Sports Detroit camera’s zoomed into the dugout and saw Cabrera inspecting and massaging the wrist after removing the tape. He ended up with another at-bat in […]

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About that Cabrera “rumor”

21.04.2009 16 comments

I’m stunned by how much attention this has gotten, but there has been speculation on ESPN that the Tigers will have to look to trade Miguel Cabrera. It started with speculation mentioned by someone on ESPN (I’ve heard it attributed to Gammons/Olney/Kurkjian but I don’t know who actually said it) that if the Tigers are out of contention economic forces would make it necessary to trade Cabrera. Boston was the destination that had been mentioned. Somehow this speculation turned into a rumor. Well, now Dombrowski has come out and said what most in Detroit had been thinking, that the rumors are absurd.

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2008 Offseason Preamble

05.10.2008 156 comments

With a disastrous season completed it is time to head into the offseason. Given the gravity of the collapse, you know with the high payroll and the last place-edness, there is probably a tendency to overreact and second-guess. While a deep dive analysis is definitely called for, there is also some inaccuracy being bandied about. […]

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