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They’re coming home

26.04.2010 8 comments

It looked a like laugher, but then the jokes stopped getting funny, then the Miguel Cabrera had the last laugh.

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What the heck is going on (re: trade rumors)?

11.11.2009 49 comments

I don’t remember the general manager meetings being this interesting in past years. Most of the action seems to usually take place at the winter meetings that take place in December. This year the GM meetings have served Tigers fans up with a disconcerting set of rumors with the Tigers making most of the team available for trade. But does this qualify as a fire sale?

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Inge has his surgery

04.11.2009 2 comments

The Detroit Tigers announced third baseman Brandon Inge underwent surgery on Tuesday to address the chronic patellar tendinitis in both of his knees that plagued him throughout the 2009 season, a procedure performed by Dr. Stephen Lemos at the Detroit Medical Center.

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Infirmary report and other thoughts

03.08.2009 2 comments

Aside from Joel Zumaya’s season ending surgery, the news is actually pretty good on the injury front. So much so that the only wound licking to take place should be residual pain of a 2-4 road trip. Carlos Guillen, already swinging a productive stick from the left side, could be playing in left field by […]

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23.07.2009 16 comments

When things start to get really dire for the Tigers, I usually use this space to try and provide some perspective. This isn’t only for you the reader, but for me the Tigers fan as well. I’m really having to scrounge for perspective right now as the team has tanked since the All Star Break […]

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All Star Game 2009

14.07.2009 16 comments

With four Tigers on the roster, it only seems fitting that we have a game thread. Plus it gives me a chance to catch-up on some All Star related linking. Most newsworthy and relevant is the fact that Evan Longoria is out with an infected ring finger. Michael Young will start at third base, but […]

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Junk Balling – All Star break edition

12.07.2009 5 comments

A pile of links on the eve of the All Star break… If you find yourself a little bored with the Tigers game today, you can always flip over to ESPN and catch Scott Sizemore, the lone Tigers representative in the All Star Future’s game. With Polanco on the last year of his contract and […]

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Inge makes it

09.07.2009 17 comments

After long hours by many many Detroiters and Michiganders, Brandon Inge made his first All Star game. Yes there are flaws in the All Star game, and yes it is largely a popularity contest, ad yes in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter a whole lot, but to borrow a phrase from Jim […]

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Tiger Striped All Stars

05.07.2009 21 comments

The Tigers are sending 3 representatives to the All Star game, and maybe one more. Justin Verlander, Edwin Jackson, and Curtis Granderson were all named to the AL All Star Game. Brandon Inge still has a chance ( a slim one) to get on the team if the fans vote him in. Verlander and his […]

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Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Inge

15.06.2009 55 comments

The campaigning has been going on since April when teams started to promote their players for the All Star Game. On basic principle I try to wait until at least June before filling out a ballot. So much changes so quick early in the season and hot starts can be misleading. But, with 60 games […]

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Could Brandon Inge be poised for a breakout?

11.04.2009 17 comments

The often offensively challenged Brandon Inge started out the season homering in 3 straight games. While he has dropped off the 162 homer season pace he was on, there is some statistical evidence to suggest that Inge may be on his way to an improved offensive year.

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2008 Offseason Preamble

05.10.2008 156 comments

With a disastrous season completed it is time to head into the offseason. Given the gravity of the collapse, you know with the high payroll and the last place-edness, there is probably a tendency to overreact and second-guess. While a deep dive analysis is definitely called for, there is also some inaccuracy being bandied about. […]

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