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Spring Training

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30.03.2014 2 comments

re·al·ism [ree-uh-liz-uhm]   noun 1. interest in or concern for the actual or real, as distinguished from the abstract, speculative, etc. 2. the tendency to view or represent things as they really are. Now that we’ve read the best case and worst case musings of our other regular contributors, let me hit you with a dose of reality. 1. The Tigers are not going to stroll to the central title. The Central is going to be tougher than last year. Remember that the Indians […]

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25.03.2014 40 comments

Just to be clear, I’m not “the pessimistic one” here. If The Loon had put up a post called Pessimism, I would be doing the Optimism one. We like to cover all angles here at DTW. Opposing views are encouraged. Barely a month after the postseason, the Tigers traded Prince Fielder and his $214 million […]

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22.03.2014 35 comments

Back, shins, elbow, shoulder, hamstring. Welcome to 2014, Season Of The Body Parts. Wait, that’s the lead-in for a pessimistic article I’m not going to write. I’ve reflected upon the boss man’s instructions to tackle the spring issues one at a time, and it seems to me we’ve covered most of them already. Position by […]

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Right Out Of Left Field

09.03.2014 29 comments

Andy Dirks, our presumptive mostly-everyday LF, is having back surgery. He’ll be out 12 weeks at the least. The alarmist in me reads this as: Dirks will be out 4 months minimum, will struggle mightily when he does get back, and in essence, he’s done as a Tiger. Even the non-alarmist has to admit that […]

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Welcome, Ian Kinsler

05.03.2014 14 comments

Ian Kinsler was an instant fan favorite from the minute he broke into the big leagues in 2006.  A hard swinging, fast, top of the lineup guy who plays old school baseball (including the socks) and is a female favorite (so says my permanent roommate). He had a 20/20 year in 2007, and 30/30 year […]

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Short on Shortstop

02.03.2014 28 comments

Commenter TIGERS RULE asks: What do we do now? We don’t have a major league ss anywhere on the team. Good question. Before Jose Iglesias’s shin splints made an unexpectedly early reappearance, I don’t think shortstop was on our list of spring issues. Now it is. We worried about our new acrobat’s long-term health last […]

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The Bullplan

23.02.2014 17 comments

This time last year, the bullpen was seen as a team plus, and the only big question – big to some, anyway – was who or how to replace the involuntarily departed Jose Valverde at closer. That question was settled much later in the year by Joaquin Benoit, but by then it was clear that […]

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Spring Training is Here

19.02.2014 15 comments

With the dawn of any new season, there are always a number of (seemingly) pressing stories heading into spring training. Hopefully Coleman and Smoking Loon will take my cue here and allow us at DTW to focus on them one by one. I’d like to start at third base. (note, all stats below are from […]

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Two More Weeks

30.01.2014 3 comments

Hello friends. P&C…right around the corner. I feel a deep longing and smell a faint scent of hope. The feeling is growing stronger, the smell more pungent. Baseball may not quite yet be in the air, but it’s working its way up through the brown hardened grass, and is sure to arrive soon; more ready […]

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2013 Roster Is Set

28.03.2013 25 comments

STARTERS: C Avila, 1B Fielder, 2B Infante, SS Peralta, 3B Cabrera, LF Dirks, CF Jackson, RF Hunter, DH Martinez. BENCH: C Pena, IF Santiago, IF/OF Kelly, IF/OF Tuiasosopo. ROTATION: Verlander, Sanchez, Fister, Scherzer, Porcello, RHPs all (the precise order remains undisclosed as far as I know). BULLPEN: RHPs Dotel, Benoit, Alburquerque, Villareal; LHPs Coke, Downs, […]

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Late Spring Roundup

26.03.2013 36 comments

Lots of news over the past 4-5 days. You’re already aware of these items, most likely, but here’s a little roundup to “put them in the paper,” so to speak: ROSTER MOVES: IF Jeff Kobernus was sent back to the Nationals. The Tigers retained the rights to Rule 5 LHP Kyle Lobstein by trading C […]

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Tigers 9, Mets 4

24.03.2013 15 comments

Doug Fister turned in another rather belabored start (88 pitches in 4.2 and not a great strike ratio) but avoided getting hammered, and Tigers hitters – the A-team regular season lineup – were able to solve the Mets’s talented young righty Matt Harvey just enough to keep Fister ahead. The Tigers jumped all over Brandon […]

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