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Thumbnail image for Joel Zumaya suffers traumatic injury – Olecranon Fracture

Joel Zumaya suffers traumatic injury – Olecranon Fracture

28.06.2010 99 comments

On Joel Zumaya’s 14th pitch of the night, he threw a 99mph fastball that Delmon Young. Zumaya however ended up in a crumpled heap behind the mound. His arm was twitching and his face was a mix of excruciating pain and terror. We’ve seen Zumaya improbably bounce back from a variety of injuries, but with each successive one you can’t help but fear that he’s thrown his last pitch.

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Thumbnail image for Wins in unexpected places

Wins in unexpected places

24.04.2010 3 comments

When your team turns to an emergency starter and you get a win, the aesthetics of such a win become irrelevant. Which is fortunate because this wasn’t exactly a pretty victory. The bullpen though was awesome.

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Thumbnail image for Guillen holds hammy, Tigers hold on

Guillen holds hammy, Tigers hold on

23.04.2010 7 comments

The Tigers finally got to a starting pitcher early. Unfortunately Detroit’s starting pitcher wasn’t on his game. Fortunately the Tigers bullpen earned a cumulative save getting the last 12 outs.

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It’s Kelly right?

29.03.2010 6 comments

Yesterday Jim Leyland dropped some hints as to what his preferred 25 man roster would be when the team breaks camp this week. Actually he’s been dropping hints all along but he certainly helped to remove some doubt yesterday. It appears that Don Kelly will be the last position player on the roster.

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Thumbnail image for Tigers relief notes

Tigers relief notes

10.12.2009 23 comments

With the deals for LaTroy Hawkins and Brandon Lyon it appears that the market for “back end of the bullpen pitchers who could potentially set-up or close” may be getting steep for the Tigers. And with that the club may turn to in house options such as Joel Zumaya and Ryan Perry.

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The week that was

05.12.2009 5 comments

Things have been very quiet here at DTW lately. While it wasn’t my intention for things to go dark here, when it’s a one person gig sometimes life gets in the way. Fortunately life will be out of the way this coming week so my winter meetings coverage should be pretty robust and very timely. In the mean time I’ll use this post as a way of catching up on everything that got neglected including Placdio Polanco, Joel Zumaya, Cale Iorg, and Brian Peterson.

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Thumbnail image for Tigers announce bevy of roster moves

Tigers announce bevy of roster moves

06.11.2009 27 comments

The Tigers made a number of moves to clear up roster space including removing Marcus Thames, Matt Treanor, and Mike Hollimon.

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Oh them injured arms

29.07.2009 17 comments

Two injured Tigers pitchers are on the way back, and one is on the way back to Alabama. Joel Zumaya Zumaya started to feel pain again in his shoulder and with that comes a “diagnostic” trip to see Dr. James Andrews. There is a possibility that Zumaya will need surgery to clean up bone shards […]

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Faster than fast – the quickest pitches of 2009

27.06.2009 20 comments

On Tuesday night Joel Zumaya threw a ball that the Comerica Park gun, and the Fox Sports gun clocked at 104mph. That is freakishly fast and a little hard to believe, at the very least there was probably some rounding up. A check of’s pitch f/x data had the pitch 50 feet from home […]

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Bonine out, Zuamaya in

25.04.2009 4 comments

This doesn’t come as a surprise at all because a)we knew that Joel Zumaya was coming back and b)Bonine hasn’t pitched well and he’s the candidate with options. Really, the only question now is how does Zumaya fit into the bullpen? Ryan Perry and Bobby Seay have combined to be the primary set-up men. Does […]

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Tigers Minor Leauge and Rehab Wrap – 4/21/09

21.04.2009 4 comments

Indianapolis 13 Toledo 10 Joel Zumaya is probably one outing away from rejoining the team. He pitched a scoreless inning fanning 2. Scott Drucker was shelled for 7 runs allowing 9 baserunners in 4.1 innings. Fu Te Ni didn’t fare better with 4 runs on 5 hits and a walk in 2.2 innings. Mike Hessman […]

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Zumaya pitches 2 innings, walks none

18.04.2009 2 comments

Joel Zumaya made 2 rehab appearances for Lakeland, and had a tough time with the strike zone (2.1 innings, 5 walks). However, today he went 2 innings and allowed 2 hits but no walks with 1 strikeout. He had a decent ratio with 17 of his 26 pitches resulting in strikes. Toledo vs. Columbus – […]

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