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Ernie Harwell information

05.05.2010 11 comments

Here is a compilation of Ernie Harwell related articles, videos, and information about ceremonies and remembrances. The above picture was taken by current Tigers broadcaster and former radio partner of Harwell, Dan Dickerson shortly after the news filtered out last night.

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RIP Ernie Harwell 1918-2010

04.05.2010 24 comments

When it was announced late last summer that Ernie Harwell had cancer, everyone knew this day would be coming too soon. Sadly, it came May 4th, 2010 as William Earnest “Ernie” Harwell has passed away at the age of 92.

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The week that was

05.12.2009 5 comments

Things have been very quiet here at DTW lately. While it wasn’t my intention for things to go dark here, when it’s a one person gig sometimes life gets in the way. Fortunately life will be out of the way this coming week so my winter meetings coverage should be pretty robust and very timely. In the mean time I’ll use this post as a way of catching up on everything that got neglected including Placdio Polanco, Joel Zumaya, Cale Iorg, and Brian Peterson.

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Ernie Harwell and the moment

21.09.2009 18 comments

There is something about late season games. The park just feels different. There is a little chill in the air, the park darkens more quickly than at the height of summer, and the end of summer as dictated by baseball’s 162 game season is palpable. The setting was entirely appropriate for the greatest Tiger of them all to once again step-up to the microphone.

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Ernie Harwell has cancer

03.09.2009 26 comments

The news certainly puts a damper on, well, everything. Legendary Hall of Fame broadcaster Ernie Harwell has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer that is near his bile duct. Harwell is 91 and has had very good health up until this point. Prayers go out to Ernie and his bride of 68 years Lulu. Not […]

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Interviewing Ernie – Part 2

02.04.2005 5 comments

Continuing on with my interview with Ernie Harwell. Click here for part one. DTW: Since the format of the Veterans Committee was changed, there have been two elections, and nobody was elected. Do you think that?s appropriate, or do you think that the Committee will be changed again? EH: Well, I think they might tweak […]

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Interviewing Ernie – Part 1

01.04.2005 5 comments

For those who have lived in the metro Detroit area, there is one voice that is instantly equated with summer. That voice belongs to Mr. Ernie Harwell. Harwell called Tiger games from 1960 through his retirement in 2002 (except for a messy 1992 season). Prior to coming to Detroit, he worked for Baltimore, the NY […]

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