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A little Pudge appreciation

31.07.2008 61 comments

When I was driving home last night shortly after the trade came down, I was listening to WDFN. I was more than a little taken aback by the number of callers saying good-riddance to Ivan Rodriguez. While there may be something to that in terms of evaluating the trade, there also seemed to be a […]

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Pudge traded for Farnsworth

30.07.2008 103 comments

Pudge Rodriguez for Kyle Farnsworth? My first reaction was, and who else did the Tigers get? Rodriguez is having a fine season, and there are teams that are really looking for catching help. Besides the Yankees, the Marlins had also inquired and were turned away. In other words it was kind of a sellers market […]

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As the Trade Winds Blow

24.07.2008 31 comments

With a week before the non-waiver trade deadline, rumors are flying everywhere. A quick round-up of Tigers items of note so far: It appears that the Tigers had scouts at the Orioles/Blue Jays game when A.J. Burnett started. Whether they were scouting Burnett or lefty reliever George Sherrill is unclear. The Tigers could of course […]

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Hey look, more injured Tigers

30.06.2008 17 comments

So Miguel Cabrera slides into the clean-up spot with Magglio Ordonez hitting the disabled list. And promptly gets hurt himself. The diagnosis is hip flexor and the duration is day-to-day. To add injury to injury, Pudge Rodriguez has spent the entire game grimacing and moving as if he is also in pain. This included a […]

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Brandon Inge to theDL

25.06.2008 19 comments

The oblique problem isn’t going away for Brandon Inge and he is now on the DL. Dane Sardhina’s contract was purchased from Toledo and he’ll back-up Pudge Rodriguez. I’d guess that Sardhina wouldn’t be put into the rotating catcher situation that Inge was in. This will certainly limit some of Jim Leyland’s flexibility when it […]

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Inge to catch more, Pudge to catch less

09.06.2008 13 comments

In today’s edition of what’s up Jimmy’s sleeve, we find an alternating catcher. The announcement came down today that Pudge isn’t the regular catcher any more. He and Brandon Inge will rotate behind the plate. Neither are really hitting worth a lick and at this point Inge is probably the better defensive catcher anyways. Plus […]

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Junkballing: Baserunning, blocking, projections


Some of my Tiger blogging brethren have clever names for their link round up posts, like Bless You Boys “Like Stripes on the fur coat of a Tiger” or Mack Avenue Tigers “Bunt Singles” or Roar of the Tigers “Pug Marks.” Here’s my foray and we’ll call it Junkballing:

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Can you teach an old catcher new tricks?

12.03.2008 10 comments

Pudge Rodriguez’s power surge has been a pleasant surprise this spring. With two more homers today, he now has a MLB leading six for the spring. But as Jason Beck notes, Pudge is focusing less on the homers, and more on being patient. This is a guy after all, that is one of only 4 […]

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Two Tigers win Gold Gloves, but not the right two

06.11.2007 18 comments

Ivan Rodriguez and Placido Polanco were honored today as MLB announced the Gold Glove winners. For Pudge it was his 13th while it was Polanco’s first. But were they the most deserving Tigers? Rob Neyer took a look at the inherent biases or trends in the voting. A couple of these helped the Tigers (previous […]

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Tigers pick up Pudge’s option

09.10.2007 43 comments

The Tigers announced that they have picked up Pudge Rodriguez’s $13 million option for the 2008 season. That’s one less question mark out there. I already wrote up my thoughts on the matter.

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Pudge speculation and innuendo

04.10.2007 48 comments

We’ve now heard from all the relevant players involved in the should we exercise Pudge’s option discussion. Mike Ilitch weighed in on Pudge last night: “Pudge did a big thing for us, putting a face on the franchise,” Ilitch told The Associated Press on Wednesday night. “He’s made a lot of contributions. “I don’t think […]

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To Pudge or not to Pudge

30.09.2007 23 comments

One of the Tigers biggest decisions this off season will be whether or not to exercise Pudge Rodriguez’s $13 million option.  The net cost to the Tigers is $10 million because there is a $3 million buyout.  But be it $10 million or $13 million there is no way that Rodriguez will be “worth” what […]

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