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    Game 2014.155: Tigers at Royals

    Yesterday’s 3-2 victory had a bit of everything going, turning points and momentum shifts all over the place, the baseball gods frowning upon first one and then the other team....


    Game 2014.154: Tigers at Royals

    I had to think about it, but I’ve decided I like winning 10-1 better than losing 8-4. Justin “Ricky” Verlander dominated KC without really being dominant. Pretty darn good....


    Game 2014.153: Tigers at Royals

    It’s Kansas City again and another three-game “showdown.” I’m not worried about the Royals. I’m worried about the last 4 games of the season. Pitching. It’s become quite the...

    Carrerra Bad Dive

    Twins Series Coda

    Tonight’s loss was a nice mix of all of the ingredients which drive us nuts about this team, served together as a big fat loss sundae. Poor pitching from...