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    Game 2016.127: Tigers at Twins

    Nothing like the Twins to get your post-season hopes up. The Indians start a four game set here in Arlington, so they’ll have their hands full. Tigers are 5.5...


    Game 2016.126: Tigers at Twins

    Good win last night. We may have lost too much ground on Cle, but wild card is very much in play. 1. CF Cameron Maybin 2. SS Erick Aybar...


    Game 2016.125: Tigers at Twins

    I gotta admit, been thinking a lot about football season recently. 1. 2B Ian Kinsler 2. SS Erick Aybar 3. 1B Miguel Cabrera 4. DH Victor Martinez 5. RF...

    Detroit Tigers v Baltimore Orioles

    Game 2016.124: Red Sox at Tigers

    The Tigers still have yet to stop the plague called Ortiz; I guess they never will. I feel for Justin Upton, who can’t buy a break. He scorched one...