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    Game 2016.46: Phillies at Tigers

    Maybin and Cabrera are still putting on a show, Justin Verlander was in vintage form, and the Tigers have their brooms out for the Phillies. Since it is the...


    Game 2016.45: Phillies at Tigers

    The Tigers have begun to win games again, and their turnaround coincided with the arrival of Cameron Maybin, the focus of much of the current buzz about the Tiger...


    Game 2016.44: Phillies at Tigers.

    It’s interleague time, the good kind this time. Most National League teams don’t carry a DH type of guy; they have an extra Romine type of guy. So when...

    Detroit Tigers Workout

    Game 2016.43: Rays at Tigers

    A few notes about the Second Inning (games 19-36): - The Tigers went 6-12, marred by losing 11/12 at one point in time (I think we all remember that)....