Game 2017.146: White Sox at Tigers

Let the Battle for the Bottom begin!

Brad mentioned that he is thinking of playing The Lettuce at all 9 positions a la Shane Halter, sometime either in the White Sox or A’s series.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, DH
  2. Alex Presley LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera 1B
  4. Nick Castellanos RF
  5. Jaime Candelario 3B
  6. James McCann C
  7. Andrew Romine 2B
  8. JaCoby Jones CF
  9. Jose Iglesias SS

Pitching: Chad Bell vs James Shields

5 thoughts on “Game 2017.146: White Sox at Tigers”


    Daniel Howes’s article on Chris Ilitch’s statement that the Tigers are not for sale. It does give some insight on possible buyers, I believe CI’s statement that they are going to rebuild the Tigers much like his dad did with the Red Wings. I do recall that Mr. I paid more for the concession rights than he did the Wings, they were really bad. I also recall that for years the Wings were paying NHL salaries to a bunch of ex-Wing players in the minors because of bad contracts. He made slow but steady progress until he landed Scotty Bowman as coach. CI needs a baseball Scotty but I honestly do not know who that would be. I do not think Brad or the present coaches should be given any more time. Maybe a minor league manager would work until “Scotty” is signed. I predict 3-5 years before the Tigers become competitive again.

  2. What a game! Curley fries plus and we still get an old fashioned a–whipping from the White Sox. Hopefully the Chad Bell starter experiment is over. Ian had a meaningless HR in the 9th but they really should give him a couple of days off. If they want him to get to 600 AB this year (I admit I don’t know why), he would have to average almost 7 AB per game. Not likely. Annibal goes tomorrow. If we can hold them to a touchdown and a field goal, we may have a shot.

  3. Two touchdowns and a field goal…. Those field goals are killing us…..
    Question remains…. will the Pussycats be competitive, or just drop into last!…like Tony says Brad’s staying the course.. Kerplunk!

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