Game 2017.147: White Sox at Tigers

Yesterday would have been a good time to try the Romine at every position thing. They could have used his arm out there on the mound.

Mikie Mahtook is back today.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Alex Presley LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera 1B
  4. Nick Castellanos RF
  5. Jaime Candelario 3B
  6. James McCann C
  7. Tyler Collins, CF
  8. Mikie Mahtook DH
  9. Jose Iglesias SS

Pitching: Carson Fulmer (no relation) vs Anibal Sanchez

11 thoughts on “Game 2017.147: White Sox at Tigers”

  1. Glad to see we’re giving “Fingers” a real good look in CF. We didn’t see enough of him at the beginning of his year. A look at a good AA outfielder would be more productive but Brad knows best.

  2. The Romine Game, hmmm. Is that like The Crying Game? Let’s see…

    First inning he can play RF (Presley LF, Mahtook CF), then Castellanos comes in.

    Second inning Romine moves to CF, Mahtook moves to LF, Presley comes out.

    Third inning Romine moves to LF, Mahtook back to CF.

    Fourth inning, Jones comes in at CF and Mahtook moves to LF, while Romine replaces Candelario at 3B. Candelario moves to 1B, replacing starter Navarro who leaves the game. Same inning, Romine moves to 2B, Kinsler moves to 1B, and Candelario goes back to 3B. Same inning, Romine moves to 1B, Kinsler goes back to 2B.

    Fifth inning, Romine moves to SS and Iglesias comes out of the game. Romine stays at SS as far as through the seventh inning, to be replaced there by Machado when the time is right.

    Late in the game, Romine catches for an inning. Or less, depending on how things go. He can always replace Hicks at 1B for the rest of the inning. (Or swap places. Call time out.)

    Next inning, Romine pitches to the first batter. Depending on the situation, he can always just issue an IBB.

    Starting lineup (and it’s a home game):

    Kinsler 2B
    Presley LF
    Cabrera DH
    Romine RF
    Mahtook CF
    Candelario 3B
    McCann C
    Navarro 1B
    Iglesias SS

    Collins is the only bench left. The key to everything is when Romine will catch. Maybe that should be the first inning (Castellanos can wait, Presley can start in RF and take more of a part in outfield musical chairs).

    Have I violated or misunderstood any rules of substitution? One thing I am not clear on is whether Romine could move from C to P at the beginning of an inning (a defensive one, the top half). Actually… it’s worse than that.

    Puzzles: When Castellanos is replacing Romine who is staying in the game, where then are both in the batting order? Does this depend on who is being effectively displaced by Romine in the 2nd inning? Would Castellanos be in the #2 spot if it was due up in the bottom of the 2nd inning? Romine could not start out batting #4 and then move to #2, right? So maybe I’d better swap Presley and Romine in the batting order, right?

    No, no, no. I’ve got to do this over. The defensive part of it is the EASY part.

  3. 1. Kinsler 2B-1B
    2. Iglesias SS (exits after 4th inning)
    *** Hicks 1B (enters in 5th inning)
    3. Cabrera DH
    4. Presley LF (exits after 1st inning)
    ***Castellanos RF (enters in 2nd inning)
    5. Mahtook CF-LF
    6. Candelario 3B-1B
    7. McCann C (exits after 6th inning?)
    *** Machado SS (enters in 7th inning?)
    8. Navarro 1B (exits after 3rd inning)
    ***Jones CF (enters in 4th inning)
    9. Romine RF-CF-LF-3B-2B-1B-SS-C-P (exits late in game)
    ***Holaday C (enters late in game)


    Bonus round question: Late in the game, if Romine as P recorded the final out of a non-end-of-game inning, and Cabrera was due up in the next half for Detroit, could Romine be made the DH (by virtue of being the last pitcher of record) but pinch-hit for by Collins since batting out of order would make him ineligible? Or if Romine were due up, could he simply bat again as the DH? 10 positions? Or if Collins pinch-hit for Romine, would Collins become the pitcher of record? Could he (or Romine) get the game-winning hit and also get the win as a pitcher (Collins, without throwing a pitch)?

      1. Yeah. It was an interesting puzzle I couldn’t resist trying to solve. Now I realize that it can’t be done until Machado is back from paternity leave.

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