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    Game 2016.23: Tigers at Twinkies

    Fulmer was good enough yesterday. Not great - he gave up a lot of hits, but pretty good considering it was his first ML start. I thought the load was appropriate...


    Game 2016.22: Tigers at Twinkies

    Since my last post the Tigers have completed the first “inning” of baseball, or initial 18 games (assuming my math is right this time…). They ended the top half...


    Game 2016.21: A’s at Tigers

    I guess J.D. Martinez doesn’t mind batting 2nd. In a bit of a surprise yesterday, the Tigers announced that they will call up right-handed prospect Michael Fulmer, and move...

    Pittsburgh Pirates v Detroit Tigers

    Game 2016.20: A’s at Tigers

    After what looked like a breakout game, the Tigers last night struggled offensively again, as former-Wolverine Rich Hill baffled them with curve after slow curve. Cabrera and Victor Martinez...