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    Game 2015.13: Yankees at Tigers

    ESPN seems to be quite fascinated by the Amazing Mets of ’15, and not too much interested in the Tigers (although they are on ESPN tonight because: Yankees). The New...

    Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers

    Game 2015: White Sox at Tigers

    Well, I tuned in just in time to hear Abreu’s grand slam (man was Dan defeated the minute the ball hit the bat), which really was the icing on the...

    Castellanos Slide

    Game 2015.11: White Sox at Tigers

    Was he safe? According to Dan & Jim, the tag was there ahead of Castellanos. According to the White Sox dugout coaches, they weren’t sure. Not before the time...


    Game 2015.10: White Sox at Tigers

    Not a lot of time this morning, but I’ll just say that so far so good. Hard to find fault with any part of the Tigers club so far,...