Game 2017.126: Yankees at Tigers

Zimmermann said after the game that he is “going to go back to the drawing board.” I would think he should have a pretty spiffy board by now.

Thankfully, we get treated to a Fulmer start this afternoon. Let’s hope Mikie and the boys can scratch out a run or two for him.

Chad Bell was apparently still on the team, since he has been sent back to Toledo. Zac Reininger has been called up to the bigs for the first time. Bryan Holaday is a fan of Reininger, and says he has a 98 fastball and three good offspeed pitches. Hopefully we don’t see him today (I hope we get 8 out of Fulmer), but he at least sounds worth taking a look at.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Mikie Mahtook, RF
  3. Justin Upton, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, DH
  5. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  6. James McCann, C
  7. John Hicks, 1B
  8. JaCoby Jones, CF
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

Pitching:  Michael Fulmer vs Jaime Garcia

26 thoughts on “Game 2017.126: Yankees at Tigers”

  1. Big fight at Comerica. All the boys acted like children today as Miggy went after the Yankee lettuce Austin. The incident started when the pitcher threw one behind Miggy and the ump ejected him, probably because Fulmer had hit Sanchez earlier in the game. Girardi was also ejected for arguing.

    I doubt that Fulmer threw at Sanchez even though he has 4 HR’s in the series. It is insane to think Kahnle would throw at Miggy in retaliation. If he were sending a message he would have plunked J-Up who he had just struck out. In any case after the ejections Yankee Lettuce and Miggy were jawing at each other when Miggy made the first move. Machado hit for Miggy and singled, the first hit from the #4 spot all day! The umpire should not have ejected KaHnle if for no other reason than no warnings had been issued.

    1. Then later after many benches emptying and players ejected Victor goes after JV in the dugout. What’s that about? I’m really tired of Victor and Miggy both right now.

        1. One might guess that JV (pitcher) and V-Mart (hitter) were having a difference of opinion over a) intentions and reactions during HBP or near-HBP situations, or b) the appropriate response to these silly brawls or would-be brawls. Or maybe JV suggested that Victor should donate his 2017 salary to Boys Club. I have no clue where he would have gotten such an idea.

  2. After the long delay, Fulmer walked the first 2 batters and Brad brought in Stumpf who quickly made things worse. This would have been a good opportunity to pull a Francona and bring in Greene but Brad doesn’t think out of the box and he followed with AWillie. He gave up a single to Sanchez to tie the game.

    1. If you looked through Stumpf’s game logs, I think you would look in vain to find even one instance of a notable game-winning contribution. There isn’t a more meaningless ERA in the game.

  3. Miggy getting tossed is the most he’s done in weeks for the Tigers.. The lower end of the payroll banged the ball around today. Good job!.even Jones with a couple. Maybe that will give him a little confidence.. .. The higher end of the payroll didn’t do squat like they usually don’t…

      1. Maybe he’ll stay. I don’t think he’ll get a better offer. He’s only having a monster season by 2017 Detroit standards. Solid as heck. Consistent. Durable. Stay! (Probably a matter of the vibe he’s getting from the organization – or the clubhouse – at this point.) I think I’d leave, myself.

        1. I expect J-Up to opt out. Why would he stay where the management cant even articulate their plans or goals. I suspect he might even take a slight reduction in pay with a club that has a brighter future. I believe that series ring is something all these guys covet.

  4. I think the Tiger strategy is working perfect. Dump the first two games of each series and then fight like hell not to get swept…..

    1. No, the idea is to lose except when Verlander starts. Something went wrong today, and I don’t know if I like it.

      1. Kahnle was only trying to help, as Miggy isn’t hitting anything thrown in front of him. Maybe that’s what the catcher said.

  5. just watched the replay…add that to the list of lame MLB (so called) bench clearing “brawls”…where there’s a lot of pushing with some punches thrown, but very few (if any) landed. The undercard fight Cabrera – Romine might not have been as significant as the subsequent scrap between JV – VMart …never a good thing to see veteran players getting heated w/each other – but seeing as how frustrating this season has been for DET fans, its a bit refreshing to see players actually showing some frustration and emotion. side note: this incident could also influence JV’s decision about waiving his no trade clause, if presented w/the option to do so before 8/31.

    McCann showed exactly how best to deal w/chicken sh*t AL pitchers (who don’t ever have to bat) throwing at a player – McCann takes a 98 mph heater off the helmet covered gourd (very scary actually), he gets up, dusts off and takes his base – and then scores the go-ahead run, and his next AB he hits a 433 ft HR to seal the win. Touché !

    1. I think the only thing holding JV here is how much of his contract the Tigers are willing to eat. He can not possibly envision another shot at a ring as a Tiger. I would be delighted to see him win the big one with any other club. (Perhaps not so much with the Red Sox or Yankees.)

  6. Yesterday has to be the final nail in Brad’s Coffin…. He no more controls that team, then we do… He might be able to manage, but he needs a young team like the Astros.

    1. Jud: If Brad had the Astros do you seriously believe they would be leading their division by 12.5 games? Problems: Tigers talent was overrated at the beginning of the season, to make things worse they also under performed greatly. Brad has already demonstrated in the previous seasons, when the talent base was better, that he is not yet ready for prime time.

      As far as developing younger talent, in a season that’s already down the tubes, why would you put Lettuce in CF at all. These games don’t mean much and we could give guys like Jones a chance to see if he will ever learn to hit major league right handed pitchers. I would also start Machado at 2B 2 out of 5 games since Ian only has 1 more year left. No I wouldn’t put Casty in RF but I might try him at DH once or twice. Miggy I would DL immediately for medical evaluation. In a few days we can bring up the youngsters to see what the have but I don’t expect any of them to get any real tests. LH handed batters will only play against RH pitchers, etc. None of them will fill in for our “sacred cows”. Brad doesn’t have much imagination and apparently neither does Al Avila if he doesn’t step in.

      1. My point about Brad and the Astros had to do with the type of team they are. You and I both know Brad wouldn’t be 12 up. That the many Tigers, ok most Tigers underperformed bothers me 2 ways.
        1. Why so many,?. leadership has to have something to do with it.
        2. Zero accountability, unless you pitch out of the Pen. Brad has said 100 times the players numbers will get to their career average. Well Brad not even close. You have the worst 4 and 6 hitters in baseball in productivity, and Brad still thinks those two will end up 25 dingers, 100 RBI…
        3. Tony you nailed #3. No imagination. He doesn’t even know how to manufacture runs. Or think outside the box. Bring your closer in in a tough situation in the 7th. Pinch hit because somebody sucks. Etc etc etc…
        Have a nice day!

        1. Happy to see we are on the same page. Your 1 and 2 also nail the problem and by default it goes up to the GM.

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