Game 2017.124: Yankees at Tigers

That was a classic Verlander start to stop the losing streak. Apparently, according to Chris McCosky, Verlander decided before the game to add a new pitch to his mix, a cut-slider, and was throwing two different sliders, which had the Dodgers confused. Good stuff.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Mikie Mahtook, CF
  3. Justin Upton, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  6. Victor Martinez, DH
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Alex Presley, RF
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

Pitching:  Matthew Boyd vs Masahiro Tanaka

10 thoughts on “Game 2017.124: Yankees at Tigers”

  1. I hope you guys haven’t stopped watching or following the Tigers. I thought we might have a shot when the Yankees missed the extra point but alas no. Boyd can’t seem to get it together but he is young and hope springs eternal. Even Koufax was ordinary his first 5 or 6 years.

  2. Boyd… Hardy.. VerHagen… Farmer… Rondon… Norris…
    Hall of Fame Minor Leagers.. Perfect examples of the difference between AAA and the Big!!!

    1. “At some point, there’s an expiration date on how much rope you’re given,” Ausmus said

      though he was referring to Boyd, Ausmus could have been looking in the mirror when he said that

      1. Norman, we can all light candles and pray! Meanwhile I’m hoping Fulmer can beat our “beloved” Yankees on Thursday. JZ, I’m not expecting much from tonight.

        1. I’m neutral on whether Ausmus is retained, but he might get some new rope. At least a season’s worth to see if he can make the new team his own. He inherited both possibilities and limitations. I suspect, however, that his time will soon be up. I think that the offseason changes are going to be a clean sweep. I can only hope that the broom also catches V-Mart and Zimmermann.

    2. Not even, Jud. I don’t think any of the above have been amazing for long even in the minors. Only two – Hardy and Rondon – might be your classic AAAA guys. Boyd is on the verge of failing his extended audition and Norris might be on the same track. VerHagen and Farmer are just average AAA pitchers. The might have some brief Cinderella stories eventually as MLB relievers, never can tell. Not with Detroit, I don’t think.

  3. Well, at some point you’ve just got to call a spade a spade. (Not sure of the origin of that phrase. I hope it’s not a slur. I’ve used it innocently my whole life.) The 2017 Detroit Tigers are a bad team. They do not play well together. Chance and luck are huge in baseball, but everyone is equally subject to them. The W-L record does not lie and the stats do not lie. It’s a moot point whether it’s good players playing poorly who might play better next year or whenever. This version of the team is a bunch of losers. Guys have shuffled in and shuffled out. Moves have been made. Not getting better. Getting worse. There cannot be enough changes made during the offseason. There may be players worth keeping, but there is no “core” to be left intact.

    The pitching has been historically bad. The brightest spots wouldn’t look so great on most other teams. Fulmer and Verlander have not been “aces” overall. Greene is not someone to build a bullpen around – he’s a decent setup guy on a normal team and no more. Jimenez isn’t close to ready, and I can see him becoming the next Rondon if they try to insist that he is. I hope every single one of the rest (Rondon included) is gone before ST 2018.

    What could done with the position players pales in importance next to the pitching. I suppose they could tighten the defense by getting Casty off 3B.. but not into RF… which ends up meaning getting him off the team or making him the DH if they can slough off the contracts of V-Mart and Miggy… not sure it is worth all that effort, though it could be a by-product. Upton can stay or go. They can fill out their outfield with what they have and deal with it. The infield looks fine without Castellanos in it. Romine is a luxury they can no longer afford. Light-hitting super-utility looks better on a contender, looks kinda dumb on a light-hitting rebuilding team.

    Road construction next 140 miles, one-lane traffic, three-run home run slugging offense lane closed 1 mile ahead. Or 17 miles behind.

    1. Loon I must concur w/your assessment/suggestions; though I do think Ausmus has not shown anything (in his tenure) to justify bringing him back next year, especially since the next few seasons will be “rebuilding years” – and I haven’t really seen much improvement from many young players that would suggest Ausmus (and staff) are very proficient at improving young (or any, for that matter) players.

      Upton will leave for more money/years; to a more competitive team. So Upton & Sanchez will be coming off the books, and DET will get a sandwich pick if/when Upton goes FA. It will be quite difficult for DET to move Cabrera, Zimmerman, JV & VMart and their contracts – though I’m sure efforts will be made to do so.

      With or without JV a/o Zimm, DET’s pitching next year will likely be the same or worse than this year…and until DET solves the top-to-bottom pitching issues, the team will struggle mightily.

      DET Tigers are in my DNA, so i’ll be a fan through thick and the ensuing “thin” years – who knows, DET is due to have some prospect ‘blow up’ and become a star – though DET will need a few of those ‘stars to align’. The silver-lining: DET’s draft position will improve significantly beginning this year…so choose wisely.

      1. Yeah, Stormin. Choosing wisely will mean choosing differently, I think. Nothing seems to have become of years of drafting big pitchers with big arms, i.e. big throwers. There might be some folks besides Ausmus and Avila who need the boot.

        I’m not inclined to be highly critical of managers. The main function, as I see it, is to be the team leader and a good spokesman. This season is such a colossal disappointment for everyone. If things are as they appear to be, by which I mean no despair and no backbiting and blaming, then something is being done right. The manager as brilliant strategist, or motivational speaker, or colorful personality, well, I’m not so into all of that. Ausmus doesn’t try to be or pretend to be what he is not. I like him as manager about as well as I liked Leyland, maybe a bit better, since Leyland had some old school stubbornness to him and what we might call veteran bias that I saw as unhelpful (but hey, that was him). I have to admit that I am in no position to judge how managers and coaches do with young players.

        No question of jumping ship. Fan of the Tigers no matter what, my team always. I think it’s possible to be a student of the game and enjoy it all without a high degree of bias or emotional attachment to one particular team, but that’s not me. The Detroit Tigers are my window. If I’m following baseball at all, I’m following them.

        Yes, pitching pitching pitching. Or you got it or you ain’t. If we’ve learned anything over the past 4-5 years, it is that there is no substitute for it. Signing Anibal Sanchez was the first crack in the foundation. Or maybe that first crack was really the Prince Fielder signing. But who knew? That (Sanchez) gamble forced decisions which forced other gambles and other decisions. Net loss. But who knew? And who knows even now how things will turn out? Changes year to year. Losing Max Scherzer has seemed highly regrettable for going on three years now (and i say that as someone who was willing to accept it). Check back in a year, and it could the albatross-avoidance move without rival. AKA luck of the draw.

        Oh, and how about a bullpen? It’s been a while.

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