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    2016 World Series

    Well, since everyone seems to be having such a high-quality postseason conversation here, I figured the least I could do was put up a new post. And I always...

    Pittsburgh Pirates v Detroit Tigers

    Game 2016.161: Tigers at Braves

    All of MLB tees off at about 3:00 today. Did that happen last season too? Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention last season. These season there are three games...


    Game 2016.160: Tigers at Braves

    Here we go, three left, we need to win at least two. I think this is the game, the one that will determine things. If the Tigers win this...


    Game 2016.159: Tigers at Braves

    This is turning out to be a strange, if not strangely exciting end to the season, as the Tigers finish out, once again, with an interleague series on the...