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    Game 2015.82: Tigers at Mariners

    Is it just me, or is Justin Verlander way the heck out of touch with reality? Here’s a quote from him yesterday: “There’s two ways that you can approach this....


    Game 2015.81: Blue Jays at Tigers

    The Tiger bats boomed again yesterday afternoon, which means that today they have a chance to be on the right end of the broom, which would be more than...

    JD Uni

    Game 2015.80: Blue Jays at Tigers

    The diagnosis is in: Miguel Cabrera has a grade 3 calf strain, and is expected to miss 6 weeks. The good news is that Cabrera has no achilles damage...


    Game 2015.79: Blue Jays at Tigers

    Well, us fans aren’t the only ones who feel like something has to be done with this team. The front office started off by shaking up the bullpen. It...