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The Dombrowski Compendium

03.12.2009 12 comments

I wanted to highlight some work that Kurt Mensching has been doing over at Mack Avenue Tigers this week. If you haven’t visited his sight, he has been doing a VERY deep dive into Dave Dombrowski’s tenure as Tigers general manager. Kurt has looked at all of Dombrowski’s moves to try and capture his philosophies and tendencies to provide a very comprehensive evaluation. Having undertaken a similar exercise a couple years ago for The Hardball Times Annual I know how much work goes into something like this and he’s done an excellent job. Below are links to the various articles in the series and I encourage you to check them out.

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The Dombrowski Presser

08.10.2009 42 comments

Dave Dombrowski met with the press today and fielded questions for about an hour. Jaosn Beck, Tom Gage, and John Lowe had it covered. There is enough there to warrant about 6 posts worth of further explanation. But until that happens…

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Winter meetings end with a bang (my head against the wall)

11.12.2008 82 comments

Things started out so promising with the acquisitions of Gerald Laird and Adam Everett. And they end so disappointingly with the loss of James Skelton and Matt Joyce. To be fair the Skelton thing was set in motion weeks ago when the Tigers chose not to protect a young athletic lefty catcher with a 416 […]

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News from the front office

14.10.2008 6 comments

While other teams are hanging on to World Series dreams, the Tigers are beginning to retool for next season. The last couple days have already seen a little action, but more on the front office side of things. The Tigers today named Kevin Hooker as the Pacific Rim coordinator. Hooker comes from the Phillies where […]

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Dombrowski speaks – a lot more than usual.

29.09.2008 132 comments

Dave Dombrowski held court with reporters today and he revealed a glimpse into this winter’s agenda. The main points: Edgar Renteria’s option will not be picked up The Tigers are looking outside the organization to fill the closer role The Tigers don’t expect to be a major player in the free agent market Detroit does […]

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Dave Dombrowski Profile


Google Book Search has The 2008 Hardball Times Baseball Annual. If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you may remember that I contributed an article about Dave Dombrowski. Well that article happens to be one of the ones made available on Google. So if you were to cheap to buy the annual (I […]

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Junkballing: riding the river of news

07.05.2008 6 comments

A startling amount of news from the beat writers and analysis from bloggers today. Inge likes catching, Cabrera at first base, and more. Inge says catching is fun Brandon Inge is just too fascinating to resist. The very different views of his defense, the despair over his offense, the sympathy and lack of sympathy over […]

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The Coda

09.12.2007 36 comments

Wrapping up some outstanding items from what very well could be one of the most significant trades in franchise history… Replenishment Peter Gammons astutely pointed out that the Tigers were able to make this trade because of Ilitch’s and Dombrowski’s refusal to adhere to the asinine draft slotting system. Not only did a willingness to […]

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The Tigers aren’t interested in A-Rod unless they are

07.11.2007 6 comments

The Alex Rodriguez to Detroit rumors just won’t die. Going into the offseason I thought the Tigers chances would be similar to their playoff chances in September. Stuff had to fall their way, and it was a longshot, but that they were still in a better position than most teams. But since the end of […]

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What are they talking about?

16.10.2007 43 comments

Dave Dombrowski, Jim Leyland, and Chuck Hernandez took in some instructional league action today. Everybody is in Lakeland this week for organizational meetings so they could have been discussing anything. Maybe they were talking about the way that the ball explodes out of Rick Porcello’s hand, or maybe the kid’s follow through. Perhaps they were […]

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Dombrowski 48th in Forbes GM Rankings

03.03.2007 8 comments

Forbes has ranked all the general managers with at least 3 years experience from the 4 major sports (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA). Detroit Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski came just about in the middle at 48th. In terms of baseball GMs though he did pretty well. The highest rated baseball GM was Billy Beane at 26. […]

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Tigers announce minor league staffs

06.11.2006 3 comments

Here we are only a week and a half into the offseason, and already the team has generated 3 news items – and we haven’t even gotten to trade season or tendering contracts yet. Today, the Tigers announced their minor league staff assignments and things are all shook up. Toledo So things at Toledo are […]

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