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Free Agents

Tigers looking at Wood?

05.12.2008 28 comments

Earlier today I lamented the type of players that the Tigers were being associated with. Mostly guys that were kind of blah. I also worried about the team’s financial situation given the Renteria and Wilson discussion. Perhaps my disappointment was premature, as there are reports that the Tigers are looking at Kerry Wood. While happy […]

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Other arbitration news

01.12.2008 1 comment

With the unfortunate news of the Tigers decision about Edgar Renteria and arbitration out of the way it’s probably worth looking at some potential Tigers targets and whether or not they were offered arbitration. One potential target at closer who is a Type A is Trevor Hoffman. The Padres didn’t offer Hoffman arbitration which means […]

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No arbitration for Renteria

01.12.2008 40 comments

I think it is safe to call the Edgar Renteria-Jair Jurrjens/Gorkys Hernandez deal “the trade that just keeps taking.” There was hope that the Tigers could salvage a couple draft picks out of the trade, but that possibility is now gone as the team has declined to offer Renteria arbitration.

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Tigers pass on Junichi Tazawa

25.11.2008 17 comments

In an effort to maintain the relationships in the Pacific Rim that the organization has been cultivating recently, the Tigers are going to pass on Junichi Tazawa. Tazawa is the amateur Japanese player who is going to skip the Japanese professional leagues and try and jump right to the US. Tazawa is being courted by […]

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Renteria inked by Giants – Tigers get draft picks

24.11.2008 22 comments

UPDATE: It appears the report may not be true. Tim Dierkes keeps updating the link below with more information, so check back. I have to admit that $18 million for Renteria didn’t pass the smell test, but it was the Giants… It appears that Edgar Renteria is heading back to the National League. The Giants […]

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Catch-all post

17.11.2008 64 comments

I know there is a lot of interest in some of the rumors swirling around the Tigers (like Julio Lugo) and that people want to comment on signings that may or may not effect the Tigers  (Jeremy Affeldt).  While I don’t have a lot to say about these things (though I don’t want Lugo and […]

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No on Varitek, No on Laird, Yes on Bard

10.11.2008 63 comments

The Tigers are in the hunt for a catcher. Brandon Inge has been moved to third base and Dusty Ryan may be ready to contribute at the big league level, but I don’t think anybody is comfortable with him being handed the full load at this point. With this need has come speculation about where […]

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Rumors, Rumors everywhere

04.11.2008 88 comments

A lot of talk, A lot of speculation piping out of the GM meetings in California. Right now it seems like most teams are in on most players. But there are some names being rumored to the Tigers. Today’s rumor and moderately relevant news rundown: The Tigers are in on Rafael Furcal, or at least […]

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Let the offseason begin

30.10.2008 66 comments

With the World Series officially over after the longest game 5 ever, I half (actually more than half) expected the Tigers to make a trade today.  When I saw a press release come across I thought my intuition was correct.  Instead it was a compilation of roster moves and the hiring of a bullpen coach. […]

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Dombrowski speaks – a lot more than usual.

29.09.2008 132 comments

Dave Dombrowski held court with reporters today and he revealed a glimpse into this winter’s agenda. The main points: Edgar Renteria’s option will not be picked up The Tigers are looking outside the organization to fill the closer role The Tigers don’t expect to be a major player in the free agent market Detroit does […]

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A reliever worth targeting

11.09.2008 8 comments

Junichi Tazawa is an amateur reliever from Japan. He’s decided to skip Japanese professional baseball and come stateside. Tazawa is younger than the typical Japanese import, because he’s not waiting the 9 years required for international free agency as a pro player. He’s 22 and features a low 90′s fastball, a 12-6 curve and a […]

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Freddy Garcia a Tiger

12.08.2008 43 comments

Jon Heyman is reporting that Freddy Garcia has agreed to a contract with the Tigers. Garcia has been injured for the last year with shoulder problems. He had surgery to correct a torn labrum and recently auditioned for teams. I have no idea what they’ll get out of Garcia, and I can’t really offer commentary […]

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