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Leveraging Todd Jones

06.10.2007 22 comments

WPA Leaders Rank Name WPA 1 J.J. Putz 6.17 2 R. Betancourt 5.38 3 Takashi Saito 4.27 4 Heath Bell 4.12 5 Joakim Soria 3.85 6 J. Papelbon 3.72 7 Joe Nathan 3.63 8 F. Rodriguez 2.95 9 Hideki Okajima 2.93 10 Pat Neshek 2.83 11 Carlos Marmol 2.8 12 Brandon Lyon 2.8 13 J. […]

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Tigers extend Leyland

02.10.2007 13 comments

The Detroit Tigers made it official today and announced a one year contract extension that will keep Jim Leyland managing the club through the 2009 season. No real surprise here.

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Rotation set, Jurrjens stays and Bazardo starts

12.09.2007 16 comments

The Tigers have set their rotation and Jason Beck has it: This Fri-Sun at Minnesota: Robertson, Bazardo and Jurrjens Next Mon-Wed at Cleveland: Rogers, Verlander and Robertson Next Fri-Sun vs. KC: Jurrjens, Rogers, Verlander Sept. 24-26 vs. Minnesota: Robertson, TBA, Jurrjens Sept. 28-30 at Chicago: Rogers, Verlander, Robertson Notable is that Jair Jurrjens stays in […]

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Broken Logic

29.08.2007 13 comments

Jim Leyland answered questions about one of the most inexplicable managing decisions he’s made this year, batting Timo Perez 3rd. I’m not going to continue to harp on this past this post, but even the thought process for batting Perez third is broken. Here is what Leyland told the Free Press Leyland gave several reasons […]

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Thoughts in brief

10.08.2007 7 comments

A mishmash of things I’ve been meaning to comment on… Craig Monroe I’ve read and heard much lamenting that Leyland is being too loyal to Craig Monroe. That was called for at the end of June, but it’s not really called for now. Monroe had lost his starting job prior to the Marcus Thames injury. […]

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Postponed linking

05.04.2007 8 comments

Definitely a bummer that there is no game today, but maybe it is for the best. Even yesterday I remember looking out at Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Guillen, and Pudge Rodriguez standing on base waiting in the cold for a pitching change and just hoping that none of those 6 hamstrings tightened up during the delay. […]

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Leyland sets Opening Day lineup

01.04.2007 3 comments

Jim Leyland decided on a lineup, at least for tomorrow. It is: Curtis Granderson Placido Polanco Gary Sheffield Magglio Ordonez Carlos Guillen Pudge Rodriguez Sean Casey Craig Monroe Brandon Inge No real surprises. I probably would have flip-flopped Ordonez and Guillen because 1) I think Guillen is a better hitter, and 2)It spreads out the […]

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Leyland sets lineup and leadoff platoon

23.03.2007 2 comments

It appears that Jim Leyland has settled on a lineup that he might use some of the time depending on the handedness of pitchers. One thing he did settle on though is that for the time being Pudge Rodriguez will lead off against left handers and Curtis Granderson will lead off against right handers. The […]

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Jim Leyland on Neifi Perez

18.01.2007 22 comments

Eric picked this up early on, and I saw the comments posted on MotownSports as well. Jim Leyland was interviewed today on the Stoney and Wojo show on WDFN. Mike Stone asked Jim Leyland, “what does Jim Leyland see in Neifi Perez that we as fans and media members don’t?” The response wasn’t the typical […]

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Even more about lineups

02.01.2007 2 comments

There’s a new Tiger blog, Dtown Baseball. It is authored by DTW commentor Eric Jackson. Eric did some further investigation into Tiger lineup configuration and examined the assertion that the Tigers used 120 different lineups. Eric raises a great point that there are many distinct lineups, but that there was still considerable consistency. He looked […]

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Fun with line ups

30.12.2006 5 comments

This week Lynn Henning wrote an article speculating on the Tigers lineup for next season. Henning in addition to penning his own lineup, concluded the article with this: Much of the manager’s disposition there is a matter of what you think about the computer-generated wisdom that it’s better for a team to load the front […]

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Leyland gives us something to talk about

06.12.2006 26 comments

Jason Beck has been all over the Winter Meetings. Today he’s got some Jim Leyland nuggets that warrant some discussion. The leadoff spot So the Tigers don’t have a prototypical leadoff hitter, or at least prototypicaly in the sense that most people think of leadoff hitters: fast guys who steal bases, bunt, and don’t strike […]

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