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Definitely a bummer that there is no game today, but maybe it is for the best. Even yesterday I remember looking out at Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Guillen, and Pudge Rodriguez standing on base waiting in the cold for a pitching change and just hoping that none of those 6 hamstrings tightened up during the delay.

On to some news…

The shuffle

Last year Jim Leyland kept his rotation intact up until the All Star break. Already in 2007 he’s shuffled the deck. Justin Verlander and Mike Maroth will take their scheduled turns, but then Jeremy Bonderman and Chad Durbin will switch spots. This may be to actually help Durbin, who otherwise would be facing the Royals twice in his first 3 starts. Not that the Royals are especially intimidating, but it could help keep the Royals hitters from getting a read on him. Now he’ll face the Orioles on Monday (their home opener), the Blue Jays, and then the Royals.

Sheffield claims another famous number

I’m still not used to seeing someone other than Alan Trammell wearing number 3, but now Gary Sheffield will be one of the major leaguers wearing 42 on Jackie Robinson day. MLB asked each club to select a player, and the Tigers asked Sheffield.

More M&M accolades

Ryan McConnell writes a piece highlighting the talent in hi-A ball this year. Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller of course enter into the discussion.

Other stuff

  • Fernando Rodney says he feels out of sync. Kind of a “no kidding” but it’s better than feeling pain.
  • The Lakeland Flying Tigers finally posted their roster yesterday, so all 4 rosters are complete now.

8 thoughts on “Postponed linking”

  1. IMO, ridiculous idea…why is MLB glorifying the fact that they ignored negroes….when is the Hideo Nomo day to celebrate Japenese players?

  2. Don’t get me wrong, Jackie Robinson was an important step for America to make, but why continue to dwell on it??

  3. It was Juniors idea. Not a very good one IMO, its time to move on…

    Did anyone catch Grienke’s start? He is really good! Thankfully we don’t have to face him in this series.

    Lets sweep

    Go Tigs!

  4. No game tonight in K.C. either.

    At least I hope not for the players, on both side, sake and the fans sake.

    Expected temperature tonight in K.C. calls for a low of 18, no typo, degrees fahrenheit.

  5. Andy, they’re not dwelling on it. Jackie is probably rolling in his grave looking out in the neighborhood and not seeing any black kids playing bb. Let’s not go inito the reasons. Just a way to get “our kids” and that means all of them looking at baseball again.

  6. How can you not revere Jackie Robinson? Why would you think that this is not a cool idea? I think it’s great.

    I think it is one of the things that baseball does right. In general, they respect the history of the game. Compare this to football – no, Peyton Manning, you can’t wear black hightops. No, Jake Plummer, you can’t wear Pat Tillman’s number to remember your college teammate.

    Why shouldn’t we continue to dwell on the fact that it took 60 years plus for baseball to start moving toward being a meritocracy?

  7. I bet Curtis Granderson was bummed that he didn’t get to wear 42, him and Tram should go drown their sorrows at a bar somewhere

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