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Pitch f/x: Bonderman 4-3-08

03.04.2008 8 comments

From time to time this year (as time permits), I’ll delve in to’s pitch f/x data to analyze a starters outing. Tonight we look at Jeremy Bonderman’s start against the Kansas City Royals on April 3rd. Pitch Mix This season started classifying pitches. This seems pretty convenient, but from what I’ve seen so […]

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Scouting Bonderman with pitch f/x

17.02.2008 12 comments

Jim Leyland has come out on several occasions and said that Jeremy Bonderman is one of the keys to any success the Tigers might enjoy in 2008. Bonderman’s second half swoon, which I attribute largely to his elbow pain that he finally fessed up to, clouded what was starting out to be a phenomenal season. An ERA of 8.50 over his last 9 starts, combined with the arm troubles meant that Bonderman finished with the highest ERA and lowest innings total since his rookie season. Like with Dontrelle Willis, we’ll delve into the pitch f/x data and see what we can find out about the veteran 25 year old pitcher.

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Scouting Dontrelle Willis

10.02.2008 12 comments

On Friday Lynn Henning wrote a detailed look at Dontrelle Willis with a heavy emphasis on scouting. I found the article fascinating from the stand point of getting a better understanding of Willis’s repertoire as well as the thought processes that went along with approving the deal for the lefty. He was after all coming off a pretty rough year. I also viewed it as a chance to dust off that pitch f/x database I’ve had sitting dormant and explore whether or not the reports meshed with what the system had reported.

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Fish Eye on the Tigers

14.09.2007 6 comments

Dan Fox at Baseball Prospectus recently did a post where he used the enhanced gameday (aka pitch/fx) data to categorize hitters by eye. He broke hitters down into the following groups and subsequently created some pretty slick graphs. Square: This is the new metric, defined as the percentage of pitches in the strike zone swung […]

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A different look at Andrew Miller

30.06.2007 14 comments

On Sunday, June 24th Andrew Miller took center stage on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball and promptly pitched 6 shut out innings. Miller only allowed 4 hits and 2 walks and was never really threatened. Was this a dominant performance by a young stud pitcher, or just another day at the office for the slumping Braves? […]

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Comparing Zumaya

26.04.2007 3 comments

A couple weeks ago we took a look at Joel Zumaya’s 2 inning save against Toronto through the eyes of’s Enhanced Gameday. Last night against the White Sox Zumaya had an outing on the opposite end of the effectiveness spectrum. Zumaya basically couldn’t find the strike zone to save his life last night. He […]

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A different look at the Bonderman-Halladay Duel

14.04.2007 12 comments

Taking advantage of the enhanced gameday data once again, I’ll take a look at Jeremy Bonderman’s and Roy Halladay’s awesome performances last night. We’ll start with Jeremy Bonderman. The table below shows the mix of pitches and results for Bonderman: It was a little surprising to see that Jeremy Bonderman didn’t miss that many bats […]

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A different look at Zumaya’s outing

13.04.2007 20 comments

I think everyone was mighty blown away by Joel Zumaya’s 2 inning save last night. He pounded the strike zone with 100mph plus heaters and buckled knees with his curve ball. But just for fun, and because we can, let’s take a look at all the pitches that made up his night. I don’t know […]

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