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How many wins would Halladay add?

30.07.2009 58 comments

Lynn Henning reports today that the Tigers and Blue Jays discussed Roy Halladay and the price would be Rick Porcello, Ryan Perry, and Casey Crosby. Essentially the top 3 arms drafted and signed in the last 2 years by the Tigers. It’s a very steep price that had me balking on first blush. But after […]

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A different look at the Bonderman-Halladay Duel

14.04.2007 12 comments

Taking advantage of the enhanced gameday data once again, I’ll take a look at Jeremy Bonderman’s and Roy Halladay’s awesome performances last night. We’ll start with Jeremy Bonderman. The table below shows the mix of pitches and results for Bonderman: It was a little surprising to see that Jeremy Bonderman didn’t miss that many bats […]

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