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Sparky Anderson Passes Away

04.11.2010 5 comments

My baseball consciousness arose in the mid-80′s, and Sparky was Tiger baseball.  I consider myself fortunate. I’d love for some of you to share your favorite Sparky memories.

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Nobody’s Perfect

02.06.2010 66 comments

The title of the post comes from Armando Galarraga himself in discussing the blown call by Jim Joyce which cost Galarraga a perfect game. That says it all doesn’t it? It speaks to the game, to the call, to everything. There’s no getting around the frustration in this one. A game in which pretty much everyone feels awful when it is done.

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Ernie Harwell information

05.05.2010 11 comments

Here is a compilation of Ernie Harwell related articles, videos, and information about ceremonies and remembrances. The above picture was taken by current Tigers broadcaster and former radio partner of Harwell, Dan Dickerson shortly after the news filtered out last night.

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Do right by Sparky

29.09.2009 12 comments

The support has always been there, but with Sparky Anderson in town again to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1984 team there is a new sense of urgency. It is time to get Sparky’s name on the wall at Comerica Park. Tom Gage wrote about it last week. Ian Casselberry wrote about it yesterday. […]

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Ernie Harwell and the moment

21.09.2009 18 comments

There is something about late season games. The park just feels different. There is a little chill in the air, the park darkens more quickly than at the height of summer, and the end of summer as dictated by baseball’s 162 game season is palpable. The setting was entirely appropriate for the greatest Tiger of them all to once again step-up to the microphone.

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The Harwell Round-Up

17.09.2009 3 comments

The downside of going to the game is less time to write about what happened. But I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Ernie was perfect as always and instead of being sad to see and hear him for what would likely be the last time, I was just thrilled to be a part of […]

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Saluting Ernie

14.09.2009 5 comments

It won’t be a ceremony but Ernie Harwell will appear at Comerica Park on Wednesday night to thank the fans, the media, and the team. There are plenty of seats available, and even if you don’t buy a ticket head down and hang out on the fence and stand and applaud long and loud for […]

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And that’s that for Tiger Stadium

03.06.2009 8 comments

The news came down yesterday that despite valiant attempts by many to save her, Tiger Stadium was going to finally come down. Surprisingly I felt very little when I heard the news. I think a combination of things were in play. First and foremost the corner just hasn’t looked right since the majority of the […]

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George Kell Passes Away

24.03.2009 9 comments

George Kell’s Hall of Fame plaque (elected, 1983) George Clyde Kell Philadelphia A.L. 1943-1946, Detroit A.L. 1946-52, Boston A.L. 1952-54, Chicago A.L. 1954-56, Baltimore A.L. 1956-57 Premier A.L. third baseman of the 1940’s and 1950’s. Solid hitter and sure-handed fielder with strong, accurate arm. Batter over .300 nine times, leading league with .343 in 1949. […]

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Junkballing: Zach Miner, Tiger Stadium, and injured shortstops

18.07.2008 6 comments

Zach Miner starts again The question of the 5th starter has been answered – for now. Zach Miner will take the spot formerly occupied by Eddie Bonine and before him Dontrelle Willis. Miner had some struggles with control out of the pen this year. But in two “stretch-out” starts for Toledo he has posted a […]

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And the walls, come tumbling down

09.07.2008 9 comments

I haven’t written much about the demolition of Tiger Stadium, mostly because I haven’t had a lot to add to the discussion. There are many who feel it’s an eye sore and that there’s been enough time for something to happen. There is talk of moving on to spur development and revitalization. I guess there’s […]

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1968 Tigers Celebration

24.06.2008 24 comments

Tonight the Tigers will celebrate the 40th anniversary of their World Series victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. There’s a jersey giveaway and opportunities to get autographs from members of the ’68 team. Details are below: On Tuesday, the first 10,000 fans in attendance will receive a commemorative 1968 Tigers 40th Anniversary replica road jersey, […]

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