Game 2017.5: Red Sox at Tigers

That was an all-around good game. Again, it was the bottom of the order picking up the slack. Another big O-fer for Miggy, with 3 K’s.

Today’s Undefeated at Home Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. Justin Upton, LF
  6. Ty Collins, RF
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Andrew Romine, CF
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

Daniel Norris, P

Since it’s a Sunday lineup today, I kind of wish they had riven Cabrera a rest. I’m looking for Fingers Collins to be the big bat today. The Lettuce will be roaming center.

24 thoughts on “Game 2017.5: Red Sox at Tigers”

  1. This is what frustrates me about our manager. We take the first two from Boston but can not go with the same lineup that was successful. After all the boys have played a whole 4 games already and only the young, productive guys need a rest! Lettuce may be an acceptable CF, but he is not Jones. Benching McCannon must be punishment for over-achieving at the plate. I’d like to see Brad become a minor league coach.

  2. McCann goes dinger…dinger….bench!…good job Brad…Miggy 0-12 and obviously laboring in his swing….in the lineup…..I will never get this!

  3. It’s impossible to tell if either of Boston’s doubles would have been caught by Jones but I feel he would have been a lot closer. His jump and speed to the ball would have given him a much better chance.

  4. Today is my day to rant about our announcers. Breaking News: JV will not get the 2016 Cy Young no matter how much you whine. Yes the voters who didn’t put him on the ballot at all must have been high but I didn’t make the rules. Rick should have won based on just one stat: 22 WINS. Just like the team with the most WINS gets the division title no mater what the other stats were. My personal view is that our pen and manager cost JV a minimum of 4 wins. Now why don’t you throw that in the discussion.

    Finally one of the talking heads said that Lindstrom was the best defenseman in the history of the NHL. I agree, it’s too bad a kid called Bobby Orr didn’t make it.

  5. Casty was finally rewarded, Miggy gets an infield hit and it brings us to the moment we all have been waiting for: the Boston pen.

  6. Looks like Rondon is taking over Lowe’s slot to come in during blowouts. A headcase that like Lowe can’t be fixed.

    1. But he MUST come in for the 8th, HE’S THE SETUP MAN!. Can’t let A Wilson start the 8th after he already pitched a whole 2/3 of an inning and especially after the brilliant appearance Bruce had the other day. Manager of the Year.

  7. Lets see Rondon and Ryan couldn’t get anyone out Fri and Saturday….hmmm!…..I know.. Brad lets use them again!……Brad clueless after 3 years!

  8. Brad needs to realize that Rondon can’t hit his mark and avoid using him in the eighth as set up until he can prove otherwise. Manager’s fault and blame on this game.

    1. They had some. Not enough to overcome the blowpen. Miggy’s at bat was a disappointment though.

  9. Freaking infuriating. I told myself this year I wouldn’t let the blow pen ruin my days. I knew to expect this. 5 games in and I’m already undone.

    Btw – working on the slow load times. Should have a solution this week.

  10. Let’s see what have I learned in 3 years. Sit McCann and Jones swinging the hot bats.. Use Rondon in the 8th cause he’s the 8 inning guy.. Leave him in even though he can’t hit the broad side of a barn cause he’s the 8th inning guy… Hmm! Same old same old after 3 years!
    Meanwhile Miggy . Upton and Collins swing and miss 9 times in the 9th

  11. Granted the blow pen is not good but Brad can’t manage. He is by the book no matter what common sense may say. If JV goes 7+ tomorrow, look for a repeat of today. Possible exception, he’ll use J Wilson for one batter and take him out for the 8th.

    1. …couldn’t agree more Tony

      when a team doesn’t have the contrived ‘role relief pitchers’ (the 7th inning guy, 8th IN guy & “closer”), a manager might want to consider adopting another approach

      i’ll never understand the logic of a “7th inning guy” or “8th inning guy” with great stuff that day striking out the side, only to have the mgr not bring him back for the next inning – after throwing 20 or less pitches… but it happens all the time in MLB

  12. Meanwhile Fernando Rodney shuts down Cleveland… Wish he was here.. We gave him away for nothing

  13. Did you guys see what happened to the Mariners and Orioles’ bullpens…

    It happens to everyone. But this still stings.

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