Game 2016.105: Astros at Tigers

What a win that was last night. I was certain the Tigers had a 1-0 win going into the 9th, and i was just as certain they had a 2-1 loss on their hands in the bottom of the 9th, especially after the inning began with a Martinez weak grounder and a Saltalamacchia pinch-hit strikeout. But Justin Upton had a great at-bat and got a walk (how often does that happen?), and Tyler “Do You Really Wanna Demote Me” Collins found a curve left over the middle of the plate (a few inches higher and I think he hits that one over the centerfielder’s head), then, most improbably of all, McCann takes one over the shortstop to tie the game. I don’t think anyone could have predicted how Iglesias would win the game, even if they thought he would win the game. He hit a hard slice down the right field line that was about 10 feet from winning the game, but he ended up with a fairly routine grounder to first, then ran like a maniac, while the pitcher stepped at the bag like Sparky Anderson trying not to step on the 3rd base chalk line, and there you have it. Even better than the game was watching the players afterwards; Verlander in particular was having a moment of real joy. It reminded me of watching the Royals last season.

It used to be Miggy and Victor pulling the team along behind them, but now something else is driving the team.

When is the last time the Tigers got 2 runs from hustle?

Verlander gets the game ball. Once again he was dominant, and the two runs scored mostly on two slow grounders to short. The pitch Correa hit was below the strike zone and so outside it was in the other batter’s box–McCann slid over in block mode. He was clearly winded in the 9th, but the guy has no quit in him.

Meanwhile the Cleveland Indians have gone and thrown down the gauntlet, emptying their minor league system for Andew Miller and Jonathan Lucroy.

Today’s Let’s Not Get Pelfreyed Lineup:

  1. Kinsler, 2B
  2. Maybin, CF
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. V Martinez, DH
  5. Castellanos, 3B
  6. Upton, LF
  7. Aviles, RF
  8. McCann, C
  9. Iglesias, SS

27 thoughts on “Game 2016.105: Astros at Tigers”

  1. I attended game 9 on Jackie Robinson Day where Pelfrey and Kuechel went after it. The Tiger lost 1-0 in a pitching duel. Not so today boys!

  2. Think about adding JD bat.
    ..McCann bat….and Upton all contributing…Miggy and Victor back…..these are good days….

    1. Tony, you know I am not a patient guy. McCann is very young and if he progresses lke Casty has He will be the right guy. He is solid on D ..and has a cannon for an arm. Time will tell. He is finally showing a little patience at the plate staying off all the crap he chases. That alone should raise his average 50 points.

  3. Trivia for today:…of the 30 starting pitchers in the MLB today..only 10 have a winning record. 5th starter day!

    1. The White Sox. If Sale pitches against us, we should wear our retro uniforms just to mess with him!

  4. Tigers did great at the trade deadline..AA picked up Norris…JD…Zimmerman all for nothing….great day!….

  5. Back in July I said the Tigers would effectively be out of the race by August 1st. I’m happy to admit that I was all wet. This morning we are only 4 games off the division leading Indians. As my wife Teresa can tell you, I am almost never wrong about anything but am happy to admit that I was slightly off on this prediction. The Indians are not playing well and we’re as hot as the August sun in west Texas. Credit to Al Avila for resisting trading away any of our prospects. Now, Let the Games Begin! I still think we should use retro uniforms when Sale pitches

    1. Take the CLE v. DET games out of the picture and the Tigers’ record is 56-37 and the Indians’ is 50-42. Bottom line the Tigers need to keep doing what they have been doing for the past month and keep it going. There will be seven games between the Tigers and Indians in September but too far away to worry about that yet. The return of Zimmerman and J.D. will be a shot in the arm too. Hopefully Norris can return and aid Fulmer as he moves into unfamiliar innings pitched territory. All good feelings compared to last August!

  6. All in all looking at the big picture. The deadline trading season in the MLB was a bust. All in all very little talent went for a ton of prospects. Baseball talent is so watered down any way it will be intetesting to see if any of these deals, or any of these prospects actually work out!. There certainly weren’t any blockbusters, like in years past!

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