Game 2016.74: Indians at Tigers

The angry(?) Tigers, winners of 4 in a row, are set to host the first place, and streaking (as in winning streak, not JR Smith streaking) Indians, winners of 6 in a row. The Tigers have yet to win against Cleveland this year. That’s going to change soon

Fangraphs ran a very interesting post on Cabrera today, apparently he has the worst vsR/vsL splits in the majors; and the effect is reversed. That’s right, he’s crushing righties, and getting dogged by lefties. He’s also way off his career average on change-ups. The article points to age, but I see a splendid opportunity to progress towards the mean. He won’t be this good against righties all year, but he’ll be much better against lefties. Here’s something that should make you salivate…his BABIP v. lefties this year is .192. It’s likely to be around .300 by the end of the season.

Baseball-Reference game preview here.

1. Kinsler, 2B
2. Maybin, CF
3. Cabrera, 1B
4. Martinez, V, DH
5. Upton, LF
6. Castellanos, 3B
7. Moya, RF
8. McCann, C
9. Romine, SS

18 thoughts on “Game 2016.74: Indians at Tigers”

  1. He’ll be seeing a lot of change ups tonight; see Stormin’Norman’s comment. Wonder why Romine is in the lineup? The Lettuce is a ridiculous career 5-for-9 against Salazar. A bigger surprise? McCann is 5-for-10. I’m looking for the Bottom Of the Order Boys to win this one tonight.

    1. And he hasn’t reached the mandatory Ausmus 100 pitches yet so Brad will let him continue to get frickin bombed, no matter what!!!

  2. again as in another recent outing by Zimmerman 7 of 9 hits came w/2 strikes – he’s obviously having trouble locating pitches

      1. I think in the era of strict pitch counts , which completely determine how long you can stay in the game, Pitchers aren’t throwing those 0-2 high or outside waste pitches anymore.

  3. Tiger big guns today…
    ……….0-0-0-friday(15)…impressive!….this ain’t exactly Seattle pitching!

  4. Well that pretty much sucked!…at least when you do nothing for 8+ innings, Its not like you deserve to win!…but it did suck!!!

  5. last night in KC, Volquez (KC starter) got lit-up for 12 R, 11 ER in 1 IN – against the typically offensively challenged HOU… baseball is a funny game.

  6. hope i’m wrong, but i don’t have a lot of confidence in the Sanchez start today

    DET offense better show up…and against another good CLE SP (Carrasco)

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