Game 2016.45: Phillies at Tigers

The Tigers have begun to win games again, and their turnaround coincided with the arrival of Cameron Maybin, the focus of much of the current buzz about the Tiger team (the team is 6-1 since his return). His speed (his 4 stolen bases lead the team, and he flagged down a long warning track fly), and his bat (currently at .583) have been a big spark on the field. He won’t keep hitting this well; over a 10 year career he is a .254 hitter. But beyond his production, his personality has also drawn rave reviews, from everyone from Justin Verlander to Ian Kinsler to James McCann.

Maybin has also made many fans wonder if he isn’t better suited for the top of the order. Brad Ausmus says that isn’t happening. Brad added that scoring runs in the bottom of the lineup is good, which is hard to argue with, since scoring runs any time if pretty good.

Today’s Lineup (Updated)

  1. Maybin, CF
  2. JD Martinez, LF
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. V Martinez, DH
  5. Castellanos, 3B
  6. Moya, CF
  7. Saltalamacchia, C
  8. Aviles, 2B
  9. Iglesias, SS

18 thoughts on “Game 2016.45: Phillies at Tigers”

  1. Late lineup scratch with Everyday Ian out and Maybin batting lead off so Coleman’s above comments may settle the score….lets see what happens! Moyà in the hunt now! Tiger 6-1 in inter league play this year that follows a good trend of past season inter league play.

  2. This is almost boring. JV pitching a gem, no bonehead running plays and some timely hits. Life is good.

  3. It appears the Maybin lead off experiment is working with two hits when leading off the inning that resulted in scored runs. We will see what he does in the 8th inning when he leads off.

  4. 97 mph fastball K on pitch #108…and JV’s ERA is almost south of 4 (4.02 actually)… need to close this one out, and adding an insurance run is never a bad idea

      1. and KRod currently sits at 399 lifetime saves… so i wonder if he’s hoping for an insurance run…seeing as a 4 run lead wouldn’t earn him the save

    1. Good job K-Rod….some cute blonde said you are now one of six in the MLB with 400 saves.

      1. …the other 5 = Mariano Rivera, Trevor Hoffman, Lee Smith, John Franco and Billy Wagner

        even if KRod was to get 55 saves this year, i’d still think the “save” is one of the most over-rated stats in the game

      2. “Some cute Blonde”??? Puppies are cute! HW is freakin gorgeous! She was also talking about Jackie Bradley Jr’s hitting streak at 28; 1/2 of the way to Joe D’s Unbreakable ( IMHO) record. She said Joe was hacked off because if he got to 57 Heinz Co. was going to give him $10K! Everything I have read about Joe D. reveals him to be quite the miser/tightwad. Even heard a story form a brother on the San Francisco FD say that after the Quake in’89 he was very concerned about some cash he had stashed in his damaged home….

        1. Speaking of cute blondes….our family name from Norway was Vatne. When several cousins came over to the States it got changed to Watne…perhaps I am related to Heldi W. (BTW, I have a cousin in Norway named Heldi Vatne!)

  5. i see where CLE hung 6 ER on CWS pitcher Sale – 7 hits (4 BBs) in just 3 1/3 inning…he’s now 9-1

    i also see in the boxscore where AAvila is hitting .182 w/a .218 SLG%

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