Game 2016.46: Phillies at Tigers

Maybin and Cabrera are still putting on a show, Justin Verlander was in vintage form, and the Tigers have their brooms out for the Phillies.

Since it is the day game after a night games, this will be a short one. Unless I can get Romine to give me a breather.

Today’s lineup:

  1. Maybin, CF
  2. JD Martinez, RF
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. V Martinez, DH
  5. Castellanos, 3B
  6. Moya, LF
  7. McCann, C
  8. Aviles, 2B
  9. Iglesias, SS

Kinsler still out with flu-like symptoms.

24 thoughts on “Game 2016.46: Phillies at Tigers”

  1. Sanchez’s ERA in the 6th inning this year is 22.85…and in the 7th its 18.00.

    I’m predicting we won’t see a complete game out of Sanchez today 😉

  2. Baseball has a lot of meaningless stats. One is our record in inter-league play since 2006. It’s great except if you consider world series matchups.

      1. Only questionable call for Gino was pitching to their best hitter with first base open. The two errors didn’t help.

  3. though defense didn’t help, pitching was a let down today…you would hope that DET scoring 5 runs should get you a “W”…OK maybe not when Sanchez or Pelfrey starts

  4. .500 seems like the Tigers goal the past two full years. Once they get there they go on cruise control.

  5. Funny that Avila gives his .500 manager a ringing endorsement just prior to what will by a 1-5 road trip out west against two very average teams who are about to jump start their season courtesy of the Tigers. We aren’t planning on going to the LA games..we are 3-14 when attending lately so I figure We are doing the Tigers a favor…

    1. Come on Jud, I can assure you that your attendance will not impact the score. Don’t know if they will do poorly but with only JV and possibly Fulmer as credible starters, it might be ugly. The trip could set the tone for the rest of the year. Try to make one of the games and don’t be afraid to light a couple of candles.


    not that Greene is necessarily ‘the answer’, but DET needs to find a solution to Sanchez and Pelfrey… besides the strategy of ‘hoping DET offense puts up a bunch of runs’ whenever they pitch

    The new DET pitching coach hasn’t worked any magic thus far this year – as a matter of fact Lowe & JWilson have significantly underperformed (so far) last season’s performances w/other teams.

    1. Your right Greene may not be the answer but we know what Sanchez and Pelfrey have given us so far. My question is: Is Greene ready to start again?

      1. one way to find out… last season his first three starts he gave up a total of only 1 run over about 23 innings, so he’s shown he’s capable, but I suspect that clotting issue or the surgery to repair it may be a lingering factor this year…which could have factored into why he remained on the DL recently for ‘just a blister’

        It would be great to get Sanchez back to ’13 & ’14 productivity levels, but I’m not sure if that’s ever going to happen. DET has him signed through next year ($16.8M) and there’s a team option for ’18 ($16M)…or more likely DET will exercise a $5M buyout…but until then DET is financially motivated to get Sanchez fixed for this year and next.

    1. I wouldn’t give any legit prospects for Shields, especially in light of his contract…though I would trade either Pelfrey or Sanchez for Shields…but SD wouldn’t take that trade

    1. that was a costly collision w/Gordon (who broke his wrist)…I guess one example where “hustle” didn’t pay off

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