Game 2015.130: Tigers at Blue Jays

Well, yesterday’s game was about as ugly as it gets. Edwin Encarnacion had 3 home runs and 9 RBI, which is about a month’s work for Victor Martinez. Which is not to say today couldn’t be just as bad: last outing Aflredo Simon dispelled the mirage he created when he through a 1-hit shutout, and was banged around for 8 runs in 4 innings. The Blue Jays may be having a big plate of pasta this afternoon.

Brad Ausmus said he was “embarrassed” by yesterday’s game, which for him is practically a tirade.  So today Brad will be taking extreme measures: he swaps the Martinezes in the batting order.

Today’s Wait, How Many Outs are There? Lineup:

  1. Rajai Davis, LF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. JD Martinez, RF
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Jose Iglesias, SS
  9. Anthony Gose, CF

24 thoughts on “Game 2015.130: Tigers at Blue Jays”

  1. I bet he accidently switched Victor and JD….no way he did that on purpose Radical move dropping your 4 hitter with 1 RBI in 12 games hitting .189 ALL the way to 5. Wow Brad!

  2. if DET has to get swept, i’m OK with it being TOR – as i’d like to see them win the AL E… can’t hide my disdain for the NYY

    Since DET eliminated themselves from any realistic post-season contention (a month or so ago), i’ve found myself routing for & against certain teams that are still in the mix:

    Against – NYY, WAS, LAA

    I’d like to see a PIT – TOR WS – a throwback to the early 80’s

    1. Stormin, I am almost exactly on the same page as you are…how cool would a Met- Cub Series be!!!.even though it can’t happen. Maybe NLCS…Toronto -Houston ALCS….I am good with any combo of the teams u mentioned!

      …I only have one fear left with this season, and I don’t really care if the Tigs drop all the rest of their games…My only fear is that they will have dumped DD and they will keep Assmus!

      1. as you’ve suggested before, the first two decisions GM Avila makes on: 1) Ausmus and coaching staff, and 2) his son Alex — will really dictate what type of GM he’ll be.

        i’m hoping he says goodbye to both #1 & #2 – though i’d be completely open to hiring Alex in some coaching capacity… if he’s ready to hang up the cleats

    1. I think we should get into the races instead of wasting Tiger time. Better for our health. I get Direct TV out here and pretty much look into most games anyway. How about an Astro/ Rangers ACLS….

    2. OK, i’m in…but i’ve sorta been on the fence w/TEX, seeing as i just don’t think they’re a “playoff team”, but then again there are at least a few others “in the playoff hunt” that don’t look like playoff teams also

      …which makes DET’s ’15 season that much more frustrating – seeing as the AL team that grabs the 2nd wild-card spot will be a team DET “should have” finished ahead of in the standings – and that’s even with DET’s sub-acceptable pitching staff

  3. Big game out here tonight..Cubbies / Dodgers…Cubs need to get back on a roll..First year in a long time this was a meaningful series!

    1. Well, that’s one way to get on a roll!

      Highest payroll in all of MLB, and the Dodgers have been no-hit twice in 9 days. That’s baseball!

  4. Top 10 team payroll in MLB in ’15, and many of these teams won’t make the playoffs:
    LAD – $273M – probably in
    NYY – $220M – probably in
    BOS – $187M – not in
    DET – $174M – not in
    SF – $172M – iffy
    WAS – $164 – probably not in
    LAA – $150M – iffy
    TEX – $142M – probably not in
    PHI – $135M – not in

    some lessons learned on the MLB money train

  5. Not only spending enough,,,look what your getting for $16 million from VMart…!!!..$11 mil for Nathan,….$28 mil for JV….nice gigs!!!

  6. On your day off, see this link via Bless You Boys for the Brad Ausmus popularity poll:

    Poor Brad! And while I don’t have any specific observations or data to back it up, it appears Ausmus simply lacks interpersonal skills that can go a long way to keep the players motivated, happy, and playing like a team. That is, Brad knows baseball, strategy, how to fill a lineup card, etc. However I don’t think he strokes his players and clearly conveys his expectations like Leyland did on a daily basis; each player being approached differently. He is the glue or leader that keeps the Tigers together! Again just a hunch or a feeling about this….however the Tigers looks like a bunch of overpaid individuals and not a team!

    Always a Tiger,


    1. when it comes to MLB managers, nothing draws scrutiny like losing; and ‘winning’ is the key stat… and this reality is only amplified when the team goes into the season with high expectations.

      I suspect Mr. Ausmus is smart enough to know that it comes with the territory…and that his days are numbered.

  7. 1.In coaching we call this the “failure to learn”!….he makes the same mistakes over and over. Then remarks “if I had to do it again , I would make the same decision.”..that is my reason for voting “no” in the poll!
    2. Poor team communication skills, for whatever reason. Too many comminication breakdowns. He is very articulate. Its about what you communicate as much as how you say it!

    1. I recall Leyland’s tenure where players were quoted “that I would run through a brick wall for him.” I haven’t such quotes of late.

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