Game 2015.121: Rangers at Tigers

A 1-hitter by Mr. Eephus, the Big Pasta? I did not see that coming. What it means is that the Tigers are now on a 3-game winning streak for the first time in 2 months,  when David Price picked up a win on June 23. It sure would be nice to have a David Price to send out there every 5 days right now, wouldn’t it?

The last time the Tigers won 4 or more in a row? The first week of the season.

The Tigers do at least have their ace on the mound tonight, as Justin Verlander looks for his 3rd strong start in  a row. His last start he got through 7 innings with no runs and only 3 hits and 2 walks, against 7 strikeouts.

Verlander started the season off injured, then was a shaky 5th starter, then turned into a decent enough starter, then a good starter, then staff ace, if not the only reliable starter at all (with all due respect to Simon’s performance last night). It’s been quite a season’s journey for Justin.

In other Tiger-related news, the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame has named its class of 2016, and it includes Pudge Rodriguez and Omar Vizquel. Vizquel, incidentally, will be coaching 3rd tonight (with Trammell at 1st), with Dave Clark off to attend his daughter’s wedding. Omar promises Clark he will do his best to send Castellanos home at some inappropriate time.

Today’s Let’s Make it Four Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Ty Collins, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. Julio Martinez, RF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Jose Iglesias, SS
  9. Anthony Gose, CF

Kinsler continues to smoke the ball, although his success at bat seems to be having and adverse effect on his fielding. No matter, we need Kinsler to keep getting on base.

28 thoughts on “Game 2015.121: Rangers at Tigers”

  1. Yes, Coleman, been a journey for JV. Let’s hope that tonite, he stays with his present roll, and shows us again that he can be vintage ——oops!—– no, uh, didn’t mean to say that……. sorry, Justin!

  2. It’ll be close, but Cabrera hitting out of 3-hole and staying healthy, could get enough ABs to qualify, and take another batting title. If he gets the ABs, it’s almost a lock for Miggy, since his closest competition, on field tonite, is Prince Fielder at .323, or about 35 points behind him presently.

  3. I am not sure I have ever seen JV pick someone off… but I think I have seen him do that about 25 times over his career…

    1. He’s had quite a few picks, jud. I’ve seen 3 or 4 from him over last 3 seasons; more than I’ve seen him do what he just did.

  4. Tigs pounding out JV”s usual amount of support!!….he should have demanded batting in the Avila spot!

  5. Ditto. So many times it is. I get so pissed watching these games, when we’re forced to wait out a long replay challenge, and then they get it wrong!

    1. Ausmus took two steps out of the dugout and was tossed. Evidently you can’t even question the results fron Stevie Wonder in New York!

  6. Aw, jeez ——-Casty forgot AGAIN that he was supposed to bunt there. But at least now he’s **^%$#$!! consistent.

  7. Youvknow the most incredible stat of the year…….the Tigers scoring 2 or less runs in 33% of their games….unreal! (50 times)

    1. Uncharacteristic for this Detroit franchise. What are stats for previous years? Much better, I would guess. This has been crazy year….

    1. He is hitting .215 LH….leaves the strikezone constantly…I bet 90% of his K’s are LH…and I bet 75% are not in the strikezone! Heres the glaring number. For the year he is hitting .154 RISP….as thr clean up hitter …beyond wow!

  8. Unless “Gameday was totally wrong”..Tolleson did not even throw one strike in the 9th inning and struck out the side……Thats our Tigers!!!

    1. Sad stuff. But you know? —-If I EVER see Nick C lay down a successful sac bunt when he hits with 0 outs and runners on, in late innings of a close game, I will take back every single nasty thing I’ve ever said here about Tigers.
      In fact, I would probably have to catch remainder of season on hospital cable, because it would be too much for me.

      1. There is NO WAY Casty can bunt…he cannot catch a throw and tag a runner,,,he cannot run bases , any of them., He has a zero step range at third…..handling the bat and actually bunting is impossible for him…I say he has never bunted in his life!… way!

    2. Part of that is the home plate umpire. He threw two consecutive pitches to JD that were the same pitch that hit the same exact spot, a good few inches outside. He called the first a strike (JD protested), the 2nd a ball (the pitcher protested. I mean I can’t blame him, the exact same pitch was just a strike. The next pitch, again, was in the exact spot, and JD swung for strike 3. But can you blame him for swinging?

      1. that was strange..It appeared every single pitch was exactly in the same place….2 balls…3 strikes…..and they were all balls

        1. I’m actually a little impressed with Tolleson…it’s not easy to throw 5 pitches in a row to the exact same spot.

      2. Absolutely right, Coleman. I know the instance you’re talking about, and I had the exact same sentiments!

      3. the technology has been available to call accurate and ‘consistent’ balls and strikes – you’d still have an ump behind the plate who receives a radio or visual prompt to call balls and strikes, and the ump is still there to watch for foul balls, check swings, fair-foul calls, plays at the plate, etc.

        …this way the meandering strike zone, and game-changing ball & strike calls would be far less frequent

        i also don’t like how veteran (or ‘star’) pitchers and veteran (or ‘star’) hitters get borderline or favorable calls on balls & strikes – and this whole “pitch framing” CONcept is also unfair… the ball is either in or outside the strike zone. I’ve seen countless times where a catcher is set-up on the inside corner, but the pitch comes in outside corner (but still a strike), but the ump calls it a ball.

        …oh, and one last beef i have – a pitcher is having trouble throwing strikes, and rather than expanding or calling a consistent strike zone, umps usually hones the strike zone down, calling everything close a “ball”…i don’t get that.

  9. Good news is that it is really looking like JV will be OK next year.

    Note: Cespedes has a grand slam and two other home runs tonight for 7 RBI’s. But it is early, their game is still in the 6th. My guess is he will be enjoying more Cubans with Seinfeld next year.

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