Game 2015.119: Tigers at Cubs

I didn’t think I’d get to watch the Tigers last night, but thanks to a 2-hour plus rain delay I got to see most of the game, and I saw a little of everything. The lowlight of the game for me was Iglesias–again–being thrown out at the plate. The Tigers still lead baseball in runners thrown out at the plate, and it looks like they won’t be caught. Meaning they will be caught. You know what I mean.

This time was a particular head-scratcher, because holding Iglesias on 3rd would have meant bases loaded for Miguel Cabrera.

The highlight had to be the 8th inning, which began with a Gose bunt single (hey, how’d they think of that?) and then a surprise bunt single by Mr. October, Ian Kinsler, who was a mere 5-for-5 last night. It turned into a 3-run inning, and it turned out they needed all 3, especially after the weirdlight of the night, when a runner on 3rd was awarded home after a ball became briefly caught under McCann’s mask. Can’t say that I’ve seen that before.

Mr. Kinsler now sports these ridiculous 2nd half numbers: .387 BA, .412 OBP, 1.009 OPS. And that’s not exactly a small sample size, that’s 131 plate appearances. If the Tigers were in a pennant race, he’d be the talk of baseball.

The Tigers burned through a lot of bullpen last night, so they’ve finally sent Jefry Marte back down and called up RHP Drew VerHagen. See you in a couple of weeks, Jefry.

Today’s Let’s Score Another 10 Lineup:

  1. Raji Davis, LF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. JD Martinez, RF
  5. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  6. James McCann, C
  7. Victor Martinez, DH
  8. Anthony Gose, CF
  9. Van Norrison, P

49 thoughts on “Game 2015.119: Tigers at Cubs”

  1. I should have added that both teams will be wearing 1945 throwback uniforms, to celebrate the last time the Cubs were in a series.

  2. Babe Norris! Horrible base running by McCann before that. Maybe Iglesius will chew him out in the dugout.

    1. The Tigers excecute a sac bunt so rarely McCann forgot you have to run hard..he almost stopped 3 feet from the bag at second..easy out…WTH?? that was so bad!!!!!

      1. The best part of that actually was the one of the announcers questioning why you would sac bunt with the pitcher on deckā€¦then the Van Man jacks one to dead center.

  3. I have said this all along, on days Avila plays the Tiger pitchers should be in the batting order instead of Alex ! were finding out that it would have worked!!!

  4. Look at Gorzy’s numbers, and we can only scratch our heads = Why is he pitching at all?
    This one might be tied up soon….

  5. Bringing in Al Al may the right move but if Ausmess thought of it, there’s probably no better than a 20% chance it’ll be a good move. Hope I’m wrong.

  6. Does Al Al know what to do with the sacks jammed?
    (Did I hear someone say, “Yeah, sure —–clear ’em!”?)





  8. Bringing in Gorzo takes a page out of Kaline Fans book idea of “what to do when you have no clue what to do”!!!!!!

    1. (Laughing, but sadly, it rings true…)
      But funnier (or sadder) than that is Brad’s recent comment that he likes managing in NL stadiums because “there’s more thinking involved”.
      My Q = Who —-who does the extra thinking, Brad?

  9. I love it when a reliever can come in, give up a homer to the first batter he faces, muddle through the rest of the inning, and still manage to lower his ERA by 25%.

  10. Illitch has a lot of money, right? How much would it cost to buy Wrigley field and play half of our home games there? Because we sure hit here.

  11. This is like Christmas in August….even Victor is getting hits!…lets try Avila…no I don’t really mean that!

  12. It looks like the team finally has a solid plan. Pitchers hold the other team to 8 or less, offense scores 10 or more.

  13. Tigs can actually move into a wild card spot with sweep this weekend….if yoy can do it with a pencil you can do it on the field!

  14. Maybe Ausmus will learn from the past two days, its not always about matchups. Sometimes you have to trust you pen guys to get you threw an inning. Then again….I doubt if he will learn that, he already knows everything!!!

    1. Maybe he will learn, but it’s very tough to learn anything when you already think you know it all. And what you don’t know, Lamont et al. think they know it.

  15. During last night’s game I was thinking about Dombrowski going to the Red Sox. Hmmm…..Little Ricky Porcello and Big Dave are again united. I wonder how D will handle Little Ricky and his $20M per annum contract as he turns the Red Sox back into a lean machine? Perhaps D will talk the Tigers in to taking Little Ricky back? For that matter, I wonder if the Red Sox and Tiger relationship will ever allow for any trades?

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