Game 2015.11: White Sox at Tigers

Was he safe? According to Dan & Jim, the tag was there ahead of Castellanos. According to the White Sox dugout coaches, they weren’t sure. Not before the time to appeal the play had expired and the call was finalized, anyway. But the White Sox internal replay system not moving quick enough is not the real issue, it’s that Ventura should have challenged the play no matter what, considering the circumstances. Let’s hope that Ausmus learned something.

Well, the Tigers are now off to the same 9-1 start as the ’11, ’68, and ’84 Tigers. In case you’re not thinking clearly this morning, the ’68 and ’84 seasons ended with a World Series championship.

So things are going as well as the could, let’s just enjoy the ride. There was a little chatter on yesterday’s thread expressing displeasure with situational hitting. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. The Tigers are first in the Majors in OPS with RISP at .975, 8th in RISP with two outs (.849), and 6th in R3L2o (1.016). TL;DR: The Tigers are mashing the ball right now.

Sale v. Sanchez today, don’t expect too many runs on the board. Perez gets his first start of the season. Baseball Reference Game Preview here.

1. Davis, CF
2. Kinsler, 2B
3. Cabrera, 1B
4. Martinez, V DH
5. Marinez, J.D. RF
6. Cespedes, LF
7. McCann, C
8. Perez, 3B
9. Iglesias, SS


9 thoughts on “Game 2015.11: White Sox at Tigers”

  1. In the old days that was an automatic out because the ball beat the runner…….In fact in the old days fielders would pull their glove out of there an instant early so the ball wouldn’t get knocked out….BUT…not any more in the instant replay world… It should have been appealed……I played it over and over and over. ……Ramirez misses the tag by a couple inches!. To make that call an umpire must be pretty sure of it. Look where the ump is, he is in perfect position to see it.

  2. Asmus as been pretty right on so far this year, but this is the worst thing he does as a manager….”I am going to get 100 pitches out of you and I don’t care if they get 100 runs. He shudda been out of there aftet 6 runs. Sanchez obviously doesn’t have it today!

    If were going to lose to Sale it might as well be 20-2

  3. We knew the hitting would drop off some But…VMart..J Mart…Avila…Casty…Kinsler…are plunging…how long can Iggy..Miggy and Davis and Gose carry the team?

    1. V Mart is not right. Then again, I remember V Mart from 2 years ago, it took him well into June to get on track. We may have to be patient and deal with this version for a while.

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