Game 2015: White Sox at Tigers

Well, I tuned in just in time┬áto hear Abreu’s grand slam (man was Dan defeated the minute the ball hit the bat), which really was the icing on the cake for the White Sox. Sanchez was bad from the get go, barely getting through the 1st unscathed after stranding runners on 2nd and 3rd. He was beat up for 4 earned in the 3rd, and plastered for another 5 in the 4th while only recording 1 out. It was a throw-away game for Sanchez, and he’s going to have a few this season. On the positive side, the Tigers are rolling even in spite of his two terrible starts.

But the season marches on and the Tigers are still primed to take a series from a division foe, which is always the goal.

Someone please post the lineups in the morning.


9 thoughts on “Game 2015: White Sox at Tigers”

  1. Today’s 50 Shanes of Greene lineup:
    1. Davis, CF
    2. Kinsler, 2B
    3. Cabrera, 1B
    4. V Martinez, DH
    5. JD Martinez, RF
    6. Cespedes, LF
    7. Castellanos, 3B
    8. McCann, C
    9. Iglesias, SS

    McCann gets another start with the lefty Jose Quintana pitching.

  2. Shoot, when Cespedes hit it I thought he hit it too good and it would be right at the LF….I guess he hit it REAL GOOD!!!!…..

  3. Good day at the office today!…some good swings by a couple guys that have been struggling also!…

    Greene another great outing..bring on the Yankees!

  4. This teams for real….even Krol throwing 94-95 was great to see. Lets ride this while we can , cause there will be some bumps…and Kansas City is also for real!

  5. It’s nice that Dave Dombrowski, in effect, traded Doug Fister for Greene and Krol.

    If Julio Iglesias continues to perform well (and I don’t mean batting over .400, just good OBP/great defense) and Verlander can make even a small positive contribution, these guys will be the best Tigers team of recent vintage.

  6. Winning 10 of the first 12 has been very impressive, but I feel the 4-game series with NYY will be more telling than the series against MIN, CLE & CWS. Not that NYY is considered a top 5 AL team, but outside of the playoffs, NYY usually seems to have DET’s number.

    I also like that Greene’s start didn’t fall in the NYY series – and add that (NYY) pressure to his next start…so Greene will be starting against CLE on Friday – which is a bigger series for DET anyway.

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