Clearing My Head for 2015

Hello Friends –

I hope everyone enjoyed the break. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything of substance, partly because I still can’t get over the 8th inning of Game 1 of the LDS, but mostly due to Daily Fantasy Sports leagues.

Pitchers and Catchers report in four days. I’ve got a few pressing thoughts that I want to get out before then, though I expect them to trickle over into pitchers fielding practice.

My first thought is that Justin Verlander may never be an elite pitcher again. Working on that now.

“People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.”
– Rogers Hornsby

11 thoughts on “Clearing My Head for 2015”

    1. I liked the pitch clock idea at first, but I’m turning against it. On the one hand, a clock adds some objectivity and uniformity to enforcement. On the other hand, I think the ends can be achieved without this. Just shortening the inning breaks would improve things greatly. That wait annoys me more than anything about the pace of actual play, I think. Except for the more egregious delay rituals of hitters (especially) and pitchers. Less warm up pitches, too, please. PLEASE.

      1. The only thing that has lengthened the between innings would be less commercials, and that is money, so not gonna happen, in our lifetimes.

        1. Good point Jim… and with the advent of regional tv contracts (Dbacks just signed a $1B deal) http://hardballtalk.nbcsports......r-tv-deal/
          Between the national and regional networks deals w/MLB a/o MLB teams, they’re going to want to keep the advertising (commercials between innings & pitching changes) space as lucrative as possible.

          I think a ‘pitch clock’ would be the most viable way to reign in the between pitch dance that some pitchers and hitters use & abuse…i.e.

          If a pitch clock means; I’d never have to see Big Papi step out of the box between EACH pitch to re-adjust both batting gloves (and sometimes his junk), spit into his gloves, clap the hands then slowly step back into the box and then dig in again… I’m all for it.

    1. Cabrera likes to play and doesn’t like to sit. That will dictate the pace more than anything, I think. If only there was some way to be “prudent” about these things. He can be healthy and in good condition, and then – oops. Not so healthy, playing through pain again. What can you do? To play is to play flat out. At least as soon as the bell rings.

  1. If you would like to see what I was up to on my recent visit to Kauai, check out the “Happy Camper” of Feb. 6th at

  2. Sorry to have to make this announcement but my streak of 26 consecutive spring training trips ends. As much as I love that trip I just can’t get away those two weeks this year. Maybe next year i can start a new streak and some of you can join me. ……Go Tigers!

    1. I am sorry to hear that, was looking forward to your blunt and accurate reports… as far as next year might be able to pull that one off…

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