VMart to Undergo Knee Surgery

Not what I wanted for our first post of 2015.

13 thoughts on “VMart to Undergo Knee Surgery”

  1. You made it true by reporting it. Take it back. Or at least put a positive spin on the title. “VMart Is Not Dead.” “VMart Not Paralyzed For Life.” “Strong Pitching Will Make Up For Loss Of 200 Runs.” Something like that.

  2. If you click the “VMart Likely Out for Year” link it will take you to a January 17, 2012 post in which Kevin calls the Prince Fielder acquisition. So tell us, Swami, will the Tigers pick up anybody else for this season?

  3. http://www.freep.com/story/spo...../23156791/

    …so 4 weeks or 4 months ha? no guarantees with either prediction/projected recovery time, but if its closer to the 4 months scenario, DET might make a move toward a more long-term solution… and i hope that’s NOT trading for the TOR (2nd string catcher) and moving Avila (?!?!) to 1B

  4. It’s tough to VMart have to go through such a significant injury. I hope he has a full recovery.

  5. http://www.freep.com/story/spo...../23311301/

    i’m not sure if its the first of the ’15 season, but this headline evokes the immediate thought of “no sh*t!”

    …negative 31 runs (last in MLB) – ouch!!! – and not many who watched DET games will try to argue w/those stats or the article’s (albeit obvious) assertion

      1. …and striking out so much…

        oh, but wait, the plan is to try Avila at 1B (DH Cabby until VMart returns)… and if Avila has a problem getting hit in the head at 1B, that could be a sign that there’s a little more depth to this problem 😉

        1. Good one.

          The problem with Castellanos at 3B is not range. It is his arm, and I don’t mean accuracy. Avila at 3B and Castellanos at 1B would make more sense. And then Cabrera at 3B and Avila on the bench. Nick simply doesn’t have an infield arm. I don’t see it getting better. The lost 5-4-3 double plays, the infield singles… I saw ’em all. Twice.

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