Game 2014: 138. Tigers at Indians

Brad Ausmus is, no doubt, good at some things. Others, not so much. One of those others is nicknames: he referred to today’s starting pitcher as “The Lobber.” OK, I’m sorry, very bad nickname for a pitcher. I’m going with “Lobster.” You know I’m right.

At any rate, if the Tigers hit like they did last night, it won’t matter much who is pitching. If they don’t, it probably won’t matter much who is pitching.  Anyway, K-Lob is a pitch-to-contact type, and has Bozo’s Big Top behind him in the field (statistically speaking). So we’ll see.

Tonight’s Cabrera World Domination Tour Lineup:

  1. Kinsler, 2B
  2. Hunter, RF
  3. Cabrera, DH
  4. V Martinez, 1B
  5. JD Martinez, LF
  6. Castellanos, 3B
  7. Avila, C
  8. Suarez, SS
  9. Davis, CF

Look for a healthy dose of bench substitutions tonight. Just a feeling.



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  1. One thing I missed when down at spring training is that area where the Tigers practice swinging and missing at pitches in the dirt or bouncing. They all absolutely have that stroke down pat.

  2. Situational hitting is absolutely pathetic. I would wager the farm the Tigers are amid the bottom feeders when it comes to stranding runners at third with less than two outs.

    If you can’t put the bat on the ball, bunt it for God’s sake. The Indians were conceding the run.

    1. This is ridiculous. 6 Ks and a ground out in the last 8 ABs with RISP (bases juiced no out, 2&3 one out, 1&3 no out).

  3. Coming up with good nicknames requires a good sense of humor in my estimation. And as we all know Ausmus’ sense of humor is suspect (wife beating anyone?).

    I got a late start on tonight’s game, but after last evenings gluttonous display of run scoring, I was going to suggest a mighty hangover for the boys tonight, with a final score of something in the neighborhood of 5-2 Indians. So far they are playing up to (down to?) expectations, despite the excellent showing by Lob-steen (not -stine).

    1. I liked the wife beating one. (The Tigers are now 10 over since Ausmus stopped or started beating his wife.) I favor the politically incorrect stuff. But “Lobber” is awful. It sounds dumb and unimaginative. Lobster? Meh. The lame and trendy K-Lob can be his interim nickname.

      Tigers are now 15-7 following blowout wins.

  4. Avila: Why bother bringing a bat to the plate, man?? Avila is kryptonite to any and every rally. He doesn’t even swing.

  5. The Tigers will have 20 hits at this rate and one run to show for it… 2 – 11 with runners in scoring position (which is misleading); no runs scored as a result of those two hits….

    If I were to draw one game at random out of the hat to judge this team, and suffered through the first five innings of this game, I would fire the hitting coach before the seventh inning stretch. This is the most neurotic hitting performance I have ever seen.

    1. I might also fire the manager at this point… The whole runners-on-third-less-than-two-outs obviously hasn’t been working for you THE ENTIRE GAME… why not mix it up? With Davis on 3rd and Kinsler on 1st, I would have put on a hit and run, a squeeze play (anything) other than the most predictable GIDP to end the inning.

      For the love of God this isn’t complicated.

  6. Well, I think by now it should be clear that neither the Lobstein kid nor the Corasco guy has had anything to do with the Upton girl.

  7. Of the 6 third outs so far only 1 was on a actual strike. That 1 was Avilas K and you can’t really count him!!!!

  8. Hey Lobster great job. Once again we would like to get you that first MLB win, but that would require actually scoring!!!

  9. If I’m correct in thinking that this is a contract year for Victor, he is “going to get paid” after this year. And he deserves it.

  10. This just in..from the MBL STAT Dept. Tigers still lead the MLB in hitting…however they are hitting .583 in meaningless hits. They are also hitting .467 in RISP that don’t score any runs. AND FINALLY they are hitting.612 when it doesn’t matter….these are official!!!

    1. Collins should have PH for Suarez. Then Carrera could have been used as a PR in the 9th if one of our plod-footers get on.

  11. Davis slips on his first step and keeps running…frickin brilliant out by 6 feet!!!! least Kinsler didn’t strand his 6th runner on yet another pitch out if he zone

  12. Can’t believe the pitch!!!!!!…you could here the crack outside here in Grand Rapids!!!!!!!!! Wow…JD…….!!

  13. Can’t believe the pitch!!!!!!…you could here the crack outside here in Grand Rapids!!!!!!!!! Wow…JD…….!!!

  14. Can’t believe where the pitch was!!!!!!…you could here the crack outside here in Grand Rapids!!!!!!!!! Wow…JD…….!!!

  15. You know what mistake Cleveland pitchers made that inning…they threw strikes….big mistake. Been getting Tigers out all game throwing balls!

  16. KC just took a 2-1 lead on Texas. Derek Holland went 7, allowed 6 hits and 1 ER in his first start of the season. In case you missed it, he’s been out all year after “tripping over his dog” in the off-season.

  17. Phew! For a while there it was Lobstein supported only by LOBstein (the monster). Phew!

    Unsung hero: Phil Coke.

    Yay Golden Boy! He’s my gut.

  18. That, my friends, is called stealing one. Didn’t deserve that one, not after stranding about 20 guys on 3rd. But we’ll take it. No W for the Lobster though, that goes to Coke, because…that’s baseball.

      1. Hey… I think you’re onto something that I completely missed. It’s true that I never see them in the same place… “both” were at Spring Training… hmmm…

  19. Great win. Let’s give credit where it’s due. Three stars:

    1) Lobstein.
    2) Bullpen.
    3) JD Martinez

    Rangers lose to KC 2-1, 10 Texas hits produce 1 run, 0-7 RISP…

    1. Yeah man. After 8 agonizing innings of “almost,” I’m not gonna complain when they come through.

      Hardy wasn’t good. Alburquerque wasn’t good. Chamberlain was warming up, and I was sore afraid. Coke was good, Nathan was good.

      1. 3 2/3 scoreless is pretty good in my book. Yes, 4 BB, but the Lobstein/bullpen combo was better than I could have hoped.

        Gotta get 1 of the next 2.

        1. The scoreless was good, but some of the pitching wasn’t. Bit on the edge there.

          Gotta get 2 of the next 2! Already one blowout, then one game for the taking finally took. Or “tuck,” as they say in…

      1. Oh, he’s a pitcher. I forgot. He was up in the majors with the Tigers once, wasn’t he? I think they sent him to their AAAA Washington affiliate for seasoning. He might get a look next spring, but for now the Tigers are stuck with David Price. Mwah ha ha ha.

        Just kidding, Doug. No, I don’t want to die. Maybe some day, but not today. I have to work tomorrow.

  20. thrilling win last night – now the big money guys (JV & Scherzer) need to hold down their end.

    I see where there was less than 10K fans at CLE last night…pretty sad after they just swept KC and are still in the playoff hunt

    1. I hope the Indians don’t use Allen to finish their game with the Royals. Would there be any situations that the Indians would want the Royals to win that game?


    …apparently the secret to JMart’s success is ‘put the ball in play’ (.432). Even though he’s struggled at times (if he could just lay-off the breaking balls or sinkers in the dirt), JMart has been an absolute steal (gift from HOU) for DET. He’s hit 29 HR’s (19 for DET, 10 for TOL) in just 419 AB’s, and 85 RBI (63 + 22)!! In comparison: Cabrera has 19 HR’s in 518 AB’s w/94 RBI

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