Tigers Trade for David Price

The Tigers pulled off a three-team blockbuster trade that sent Austin Jackson to the Seattle Mariners, and Drew Smyly  and minor-league shortstop Willy Adames to the Tampa Bay Rays for David Price. Tampa Bay also got Mariners infielder Nick Franklin in the deal.

In many ways the trade was classic Dave Dombrowski, who is not afraid to make the big deals, can work deals with multiple teams (Austin Jackson himself came to Detroit in the three-team Curtis Granderson deal), and can also at times fly under the radar–with all of the Price trade rumors flying around, the Tigers were never mentioned until an hour or two before the trade deadline.

This trade now leaves the Tigers with a bunch of guys named Cy: the last 3 consecutive Cy Young winners are now in the Tiger starting rotation. There is definitely an arms race on, as the Oakland A’s nabbed Jon Lester as their Lefty for the Playoff Run. The Tigers certainly matched them.

The Tigers haven’t been playing of late like a team ready for World Series contention though–they are only 5-9 since the All-Star break, with an inconsistent offense among other problems. And that is where Austin Jackson will be sorely missed in the short term–he has been a bright spot leading off the lineup since the break, hitting .362 with an OPS of .947.

For old times’ sake, here is Austin  saving Galarraga’s “perfect” game.

What are your views on the trade?



    August 1, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    Can the Tigers afford Price, JV, Ricky P, Sanchez, and Mad Max next year?

    • StorminNorman$

      August 1, 2014 at 1:50 pm

      economically and logically speaking I would say “no”. If Porcello closes out the season the way he’s pitched thus far, his $8.5M (arbitration eligible) will command something in the $10M – $13M range. Price (also arbitration eligible) will command $15M – $18M… so when you add in JV’s $28M, Sanchez $16.8M; that’s roughly $75M for the four starters minus Scherzer – who (if he closes out strong) could get as much as 8 yrs @ $25M (or $200M commitment).

      And sure its Mr Illitch’s cash (and he can’t take it with him), but I’m not sure committing $100M to 5 SP’s is sustainable – especially when considering the financial commitment to Cabrera… and the other 20 guys on your roster

      • Kevin in Dallas

        August 1, 2014 at 2:08 pm

        I was fortunate enough to be a far away bystander in a meeting with Jerry Jones a few months ago and he said that a Super Bowl is worth $1 billion dollars in additional revenues over 10 years.

        What do you think a WS is worth?

  2. 80HD

    August 1, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Did the trade make the Tigers a better team? I think so. Simply substituting Price for Smyly looks to be an upgrade.

    Did the Tigers overpay for Price? Probably not.

    Austin Jackson seems like a fine human being but I’ve never been all that sold on him as a player. He’s never been consistent offensively and his fielding numbers UZR/150, UZR, RngR (FanGraphs) show his glovework in decline over the last few years. And, if the Mariners expect significant offense all I can say is good luck with that.

    Smyly has a chance to develop into a pretty good pitcher but – a Cy Young winner – probably not. And Willy Adames might be the next big thing but the Tigers seem set for now at SS with Iglesias and Suarez. And, I defy anyone to name the last prospect they traded who turned into an impact player. Cameron Maybin is serving a suspension for amphetamine use and Jacob Turner is sporting a 5.69 ERA in 74 IP with Miami.

    Setting aside the contract maneuvering in the off season, what I see as the big question remains unaddressed.

    The avowed goal of the organization is a world championship ideally in 2014. Does this move make a World Series win more likely?

    Not very much, I think.

    The big problem has been and remains the bullpen. I’d frankly have been more comfortable with the existing rotation and Smiley in the pen. I have to wonder at the motivation of this deal. Was it “I’ll see your Lester and raise you a Price”?