Game 2014.105: White Sox at Tigers

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John Danks vs. Drew Smyly

Another hilariously unlikely game last night, one that fell our way this time. What novelty will today bring?

The first 5 innings worth of Drew Smyly’s last outing against, oh, who even remembers, because they were invisible, was far and away the most stunningly dominant performance of 2014 for any Tigers starter. Can he possibly come close to that today? If the law of averages makes us cautiously pessimistic in that regard, the good news is that Detroit only has to score 3 to reach 14 for the series and assure themselves of a series win. That’s the plan. It has the benefit of disallowing more than 2 for the White Sox, which could mean – no, must mean – that our savior Joakim Soria will finally pitch a clean inning as a Tiger. I’ve got it all worked out, except for how the Tigers will score. I’ve got it! Something really bizarre, like a three-run homer for Miguel Cabrera. I know, I know… but the scouts do report that the guy has shown flashes of power and could, over time, develop into a 20-25 HR guy.

So, what do you people think? Does Detroit need to make a deal before the imminent trade deadline? Another interesting twist on the speculation comes from Jason Beck.  I suppose I should have known better than to think that the idea of moving Smyly to the bullpen had completely gone away, though I still wish it would.

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  1. Hardy is quietly doing a nice job…1.96 ERA..and why pitch AlAl when Soria needs to get back out there and see if he can get someone out this year in a Tiger uniform…

  2. The A’s take the best pitching staff in the AL and then add Samardzija. Then they take that really best pitching staff and add Lester. I think that qualifies as “going for it.”

    1. surprised they gave up Cespedes (who should hit well at Fenway), but i think Beane is looking at this year as WS champs or bust

      this move magnifies the importance of JV getting back to form, and DET finding some solid solutions in the bullpen

      I’m sure Vegas odds (of winning WS) just improved for the A’s and got worse for DET

      1. Hell, he’s looking dynasty. Wait and see what he picks up in trades for some of those starters in the off-season, cuz he won’t be keeping them all.

  3. the A’s just got Lester & Gomes for Cespedes… i guess they’re “all in” this year

    their already strong pitching staff just got better

    1. They will be vulnerable to a lot of 3-2 games in the playoffs now when they can only start 4 of their 7 aces.

  4. Bonus day for this old grunt/firedog! Tigers are on WGN and at the mike my oldest and most special friend, Tom “Wimpy” Paciorek! We go back some 44 years (Spokane Indians 70-71, in case anyone forgot) And, As I write this Tigers are doing some yard work! Life is good!!

  5. Avila is hitting .000 runners 1st and 3rd.
    Avila is hitting .000 runners on 2nd +3rd
    Avila is hitting .000 bases loaded
    Avila is now hitting .097 since All Star break..we have MLB history being made right in front of our eyes…

    1. To be fair Alekks is only hitting a few points lower vs LH than RH this year (.200 to .220). And he has to run into one sooner or later, right? I mean, he is due.

  6. A good solid inning of relief by AlAl there. Translation: he didn’t give up any runs.

    1. I haven’t seen that reported…who’s the source? I seriously doubt the logic in that trade…for either team

        1. if factual, I see that as a 2 steps forward, 2 (3?) steps back move…like Coleman suggested a wash

    1. Is anyone else listening to Dan & Jim? Can’t wait to see what they say if it is Scherzer.

      1. Though I don’t see why Sea would want Scherzer. Price has 1 more year on his deal.

    1. I’m OK with it. DET if you’re watching just pulled AJ… he’s headed to Tampa

      I’m guessing Smyly and AJ for Price

      1. Haha, he’ll cool down again soon. It’s how it goes. So what’s the outfield going to look like now?

        1. Davis in CF, JMart in LF, and Hunter in RF… Dirks (if healthy) a mid-August call up

    1. Soria has been pretty sorry so far…but that run that scored is on Avila – who lazily tried to top-catch a great ‘strike 3 sinker’ on Eaton…and Eaton ended up on 1st after striking out. Avila called the pitch, but sure didn’t look like he knew what was coming

  7. Rosenthal reporting Jackson going to SEA, Price to DET, Smyly and Franklin (SEA) heading to Tampa…not sure what other players involved

  8. MLB blowing a lot of accolades about AJackson… obviously they haven’t been watching DET much this year… he’s hit very well the past 3 weeks, but other than April and the past 3 weeks, AJackson has been disappointing at the plate this year…in my opinion

    1. Although the trade for Price is a bit of a surprise, dealing Jackson doesn’t bother me that much. I’ve been plumping for that most of the year (but for bullpen help). So far, since we don’t know who else is involved, trading Smyly and Jackson for Price doesn’t help our two most important needs – bullpen and a LH bat. Part of this looks like a hedge against Scherzer leaving NEXT year.

    2. I agree. He’s a good kid and I love having him, but he hasn’t been real valuable in a while.

  9. Hay Oakland we call your trades and raise you a David Price…Hate losing Smyly….Jackson is exactly the Tigers problem too streaky…..

    I am good with this…

  10. With JD Martinez doing so well I guess Jackson became expendable. I’m still going to miss him even with his frustrating streakiness. I feel like a did after the Granderson trade.

  11. Austin Jackson’s trade ends his precocious pursuit of Brandon Inge’s all time strikeout record. Man, that was going to be such a party in 2018.

      1. no way DET will commit the kind of money its going to take to sign Scherzer… he’s going home to STL unless LAD or NYY open their checkbooks.

        1. will DET commit to what Price will be asking in a year and a half?

          I hope so, personally. I like the idea of signing him instead of Max, assuming DD is spending the $$$.

  12. We officially need Dirks now…he is the best defender and can play CF…Davis wno’t last long there..

    .rotation was good now its also officially lights out

  13. one downside of moving Smyly, is there goes add’l lefty help in the bullpen for post-season

    …and if you haven’t noticed DET’s bullpen can use some help

    1. …and this is CWS, imagine how they’ll fair against good hitting teams… not a lot of reliable answers in DET’s bullpen right now

  14. Kaline told Steve Stone that Ezekiel Cabrera (?) will be called up from AAA to CF for DET…interesting

  15. I expect the Tigers will have a bumpy ride for a while as the new roster gets comfortable with itself – new roles, lineup changes, etc.

  16. Eaton a known low ball hitter has 8 hits this series… all three today on pitches down in the zone. What the H*ll di you have written in that fancy notebook of your Brad…

    1. speaking of WHIP, in Price’s 23 starts this year, 1.05 WHIP – 23 BB’s and 189 K’s in 170 innings

      i suspect this is the first time in MLB history that a team had the last 3 AL Cy Young winners in their rotation

  17. Tigers actually improved its bullpen some by getting Price at 7+ innings and losing Smyly at 5+ innings. Sure would like Smyly in the pen come playoffs

  18. Price averaged 8 innings per start over his last 10 starts – w/DET’s bullpen I can see the logic of adding him to the rotation.

    Price seems to get stronger as the game progresses – from pitches 46 – 75 this year, hitters are batting .200 w/a .225 OBP

    His ERA over June and July = 1.99

  19. Astonishing trade. As if starting pitching was the problem. As if CF was a core concern (to be addressed by… Carrera?). Great to pick up David Price, but it was also great to pick up Joe Nathan and Joakim Soria, and, well…. Of course, no one with a great track record ever struggles.

    Don’t know if this is utter desperation, early architecture for 2015, or a hint of yet another trade to come.

    1. Still astonished. A bit of trepidation. No excitement. The Tigers had a really good starting rotation, and now, abracadabra, the Tigers have a really good stating rotation. With the same bullpen there to blow a tie for Price as easily as for Smyly and the same occasionally explosive but usually tamable offense to not take back the game. If Detroit had traded for Salvador Perez, or Mike Trout, or Adrian Beltre, now *that* would be exciting.

  20. Just thought I would note that I commented on Mr Carrera and that I was impressed by him during the AAA All-Star game, you can look it up.

  21. I have a sick feeling in my stomach and I can’t tell if it’s because I feel bad for Jackson, or because our best reliever is Ian Krol, and he’s in Toledo.

  22. I just glad none of us bloggers got traded, although I heard a rumor that the Anglels were looking real hard at getting Jud and giving him a season ticket package, since they always win when he is at the Ball Park.

  23. From the A’s: Re: Price to Tigers, Beane “had a feeling it was going to happen.” Dombrowski jokingly texted, “You have 1 minute to acquire Chris Sale”

  24. Apparently after the trade Austin had until 4:00 to be off the field, and it was a close call, according to Max Scherzer:

    “Dave was right there in the dugout. He’s on the phone with [MLB], and he’s screaming, ‘You’ve gotta get Austin off the field!'”

    (from Jason Beck)

  25. The funny part of the A’s bolstering its already good pitching staff is the Tigers have trouble scoring against practically every bum off the street. It really isn’t going to matter who the A’s start….they doen’t face Weaver drop 3 of 4..They don’t face Sale and drop 2 of 3….the joke is on all the other GM’ doesn’t matter who you pitch..The Sluggos can make anyone look like Cy———

  26. II wasn’t really worried about getting traded…I was waiting for the Tigers to call because I can do what Soria is doing and I am a Loogey!!!

  27. Overall I guess I am neutral regarding The Trade. What I don’t get is Lynn Henning (and others) stating that Adames would have been considered the organizations top (position) prospect next year. I can’t recall ever hearing his name, even in Henning’s minor league reports, and his stats at West Michigan seem rather ordinary.

  28. All factors considered – AJs contract status, Max’s, the win now mentality…I think it’s a great deal. But I’m very concerned about the fact that the Tigers are 4 games under over the past 2+ months, and no one seems to be talking about that in the media.

    1. agree on all points… and great observation about DET being 4 games under .500 over past two months – this is especially concerning considering that after the COL series, 6 of the next 7 series DET plays are against teams that are likely going to (OR playing for) the playoffs – so tough schedule for the next month


    Carrera officially called up yesterday – will platoon w/Davis. I’d like to see both of them in the OF for a few games (resting Hunter) and see what they can do on the base paths (that is, if they get on base) – Davis leading off, Carrera batting 9th, Kinsler batting 2nd = speed

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