Game 2010.062: Pirates at Tigers

Armando Galarraga takes the Comerica Park mound since, well, you know when.Still no Magglio Ordonez in the lineup, and this is the perfect time for a Carlos Guillen day off?

  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Santiago, SS
  3. Damon, DH
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, RF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Avila, C
  8. Kelly, LF
  9. Worth, 2B

85 thoughts on “Game 2010.062: Pirates at Tigers”

  1. Yeah, hitters 6-9 don’t really inspire fear. Guillen would go a long way towards remedying that–why not just wait to rest him when Maggs returns? Hopefully this is just Leyland being Leyland and not an indication that the team isn’t expecting Maggs back for a number of games.

  2. At least Laird is taking the day off. I also like Ramon batting second more than I like Kelly or Raburn batting 3rd.

  3. This lineup just keeps on getting better. And now we have our own guy batting under .200

  4. “…David Ortiz used to be an obsecure player in the minor leagues…”

    This is what happens when Rod tries to use big words, like ‘obscure’

  5. AJax back spasms…

    Oh well, at least it gets Raburn in the game. A game without Raburn is like lunch without clowns.

    1. Yes, I’ve been silently rooting for him. I feared that he was playing so badly he was going to either get benched or released before he becomes the Tigers all-time strikeout king in half the at-bats of everyone he’s replacing on the list. I’m forecasting August 29. I’m going to sponsor an interactive exhibit at Comerica where kids can say the words ‘away, away, away’ into a microphone. This will trigger a hologram of Inge check-swinging three times. The ersatz Inge will do this four times, be fitted with a golden sombrero, but will still be voted Tiger of the Game.

      1. The funny thing is Inge will get 2 strikes and everyone watching knows the next pitch is some brand of low outside breaking pitch, and Inge knows it, and the pitcher knows he knows it, and yet…it still works. So clearly he does it intentionally for the entertainment value.

  6. I really hope we don’t have to deal with this LOB madness that has been plaguing us lately. Last night there was 11, today already 3…

  7. what ‘booze’ provides to fat chicks, is on par with what the Tigers provide for weak hitting position players… opportunity for some playing time.

  8. I didn’t know it was Illegal to put Maggs on the DL reto-active a few days and actually bring up someone who can play in these games…….now Jackson is hurt and from ind listening to Guillen last night he is hurt……..our bench therefore STARTS!

    1. hey!! how do you expect his”Ingeness’ to make the All Star team if you give him a bunch of errors on balls he makes errors on!

  9. For anyone still missing Grandy, he’s still striking out about once every 4 ABs – and against lefties, 49 AB 19K’s, .204 AVG, .250 OBP… maybe it wasn’t Lloyd and a simple eyesight adjustment afterall.

  10. I’M getting sick and tired of Rod or anyone else , Leyland included,stating how fantastic every single pitcher who starts against the Tigers pitches very very very well..lights out!…yet most of them don’t have a winning record…..

      1. yes, the fact that everyone else has hit over .305 against him this year is meaningless.

        I guess when you field a AAA lineup, you’re likely to get AAA production.

    1. Not to mention how they always make comments like the one they just did, about how the pitcher has done a really good job of keeping his pitch count low

  11. Our offense if pretty doomed with Ordonez out and Cabrera slumping.

    Cabrera is 2-for-his-last-20. In fact over the last 7 days he is being outperformed by Laird. Hopefully the off-day helps.

          1. McClendon, if you are reading this, please tell Brandon when he gets 2 strikes to switch to his driver…

  12. I will say this again today…if given some game time on a regular basis maybe Avila can actually play……problem is Lard got a hit yesterday so that assures him of another month of starting

    1. Galarraga has gotten 4 runs total run support in the 22 innings he has pitched since he has come up

  13. Some things never change. Strausberg just got frickin squeezed by the umpire on about 5 of his last 10 pitches.

  14. That’s more like it. Just a little bit more of Pirates-being-Pirates and we have a shot at this thing…

      1. Laird better get himself back in the lineup. Because Raburn is maybe 2 ABs from taking the yellow jersey from him in the Tour de Mendoza.

  15. Man, this is the first year I’ve had the mlb package and my first daily exposure to Rod Allen. God, is he terrible. I don’t think he’s stumbled on to an actually interesting nugget of useful information and we’re in mid June.
    “Rod Allen, I see you. And you are a lamestain.”

    1. Last night’s nugget about Lou Whitaker helping Carlos Guillen learn how to turn on the low-inside fastball and hit it our for a homer was well timed in the 10th.

  16. Like I said, play like crap and sweep the series. That’s what pennant dreams are made of.

  17. ‘Don’t underestimate the value of Carlos Guillen’s at-bat. Don’t underestimate that at-bat.
    What a game. What a game.’

    1. And Chester Lemon was the worst baserunner in the history of the Tigers. Seriously, check out his stolen base numbers for a guy with great speed

      1. Chet’s number even more awesome than I remember. Center fielder had 13(!) stolen bases in eight years. Caught 28 times. One year, he was 0 for 7.

  18. And how reassuring is it to see Valverde take the mound? Was that a good signing by DD or what?

    1. Yes, Chet’s wasn’t the basepaths. Considered the worst baserunner of his generation,
      Chester has the 3rd worst base stealing % in the history of the game. The worst of anyone who played after 1950. (minimum 125 attempts).

  19. Well great game to sweep with… a side note Raburn went 0-4 in the lead off spot maybe he’s more of a 2 or 5 hitter

    1. He’s dropped below the Everett line–and he can’t bunt. I don’t see how we can not make a change here.

  20. by pitching to Cabrerra with Boesch on deck and not wanting to face Inge in the hole with a potential game on the line……..Inge clearly POG

    1. Clearly! Inge=Detroit Hearthtrob. His nightly player of the game vote totals cannot be explained any other way.

      1. Yeah it can. Inge out-grits everybody, every night. Fans pick up on the small stuff.

  21. I just noticed that today Brad Thomas got the win and is now tied for second most victories at 4-0, joining Rick Porcello (4-6) and Phil Coke (4-0). And Eddie Bonine is 3-0. And Zumaya is 2-0. These 4 combined are 13-0. Weird.

  22. A win is a win, and yeah it’s a sweep, but you really shouldn’t be having nail-biters against the worst team in baseball. It gets tougher now.

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