Game 2010.063: Nationals at Tigers

John Lannan and Max Scherzer on the mound and Ivan Rodriguez returns to Comerica Park

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  1. Raburn, batting leadoff tonight at .165 in place of A-Jax, will attempt to surpass his May hit total of 3 tonight against the Nats.

    1. Since he is replacing Jackson, he HAS to bat leadoff – says so right there in the book.

    2. Uh-oh, what’s going to happen without Raburn holding down the 3 spot? If only there was some way he could bat 1st and 3rd…

    1. We didn’t give up a run so much as they took a run–Scherzer had a bunt, 2 Ks, and a sac fly and got an earned run for his trouble.

    1. 2-on and one out with Click, Worth and Rugburn up does not bode well for a big rally.

    2. 2-on and none out with Click, Worth and Rugburn up does not bode well for a big rally.

      1. Laird with in infield hit – perhaps that’s the click he’s been waiting for. Now, the master of the infield hit comes up.

        1. Dunno if you’re watching the game on TV, but it was a line shot off the hip of Lannan

          1. Actually trying to “watch” on Gameday via dial-up. But now with the commercial it may never come back.

  2. Nice 2-strike, opposite-field hit by Inge there…looks like the Good Inge Phase is still in effect.

    Wow, and Laird too, bases loaded for Danny Not-Everett

  3. Now it becomes clear as to why K-burn is filling in for Jackson at lead-off. Leyland is such a sly old devil.

  4. So the Tigs have gathered 4 hits and 2 walks thru 2 innings. What do we have to show for it? 1 run.

  5. That’s the 3rd time now that our man on 3rd base got a week jump off 3rd with a play at the plate.

    1. I wouldn’t blame Lamont, each time he seems to have awoken and opened his eyes immediately with the crack of the bat

  6. Boesch, like the veteran hitter he is, moves the runner to 3rd and makes the sac fly possible

  7. Scherzer doesn’t know how to pitch… second time hes thrown a money pitch with an 0-2 count

    1. What the….

      I take back everything bad I have ever said about Leyland – he is a genius.

      However, I reserve the right to take back what I have taken back.

    1. The unwritten rules of baseball dictate that: (1) you don’t run over the mound on the way back from an out; (2) scream “mine” to the opposing team when you are running the base paths; (3) silly slap the ball out of the glove of a player trying to tag you–basically, everything A-Rod would condone, don’t do. Add this to the list: if you are a AAAA player, batting below .200 and commit more errors per inning played than anyone alive since Skip LaRue in 1905, you do NOT flip your bat after hitting a home run. Seriously, on top of everything else he looks to be a complete douche-nozzle.

  8. what?? Raburn hits a HR?? This Nats pitcher must be the pits; everybody else can get him out no problem. I still think he sucks; gonna take another 30 HRs for me to change my mind…. 🙂

        1. Doh! Oh well, maybe it will start raining or something before they are done scoring in the 4th

  9. Raburn still ahead of Laird by a nose hair in the race to wherever they are racing to.

  10. Well….that was Jones-esque in its nature (the save). Good job overall for the good guys, just didn’t want to sweat a ninth inning like that where the Nats don’t even have a hit but still threaten to tie/take the lead.

    1. I just don’t get the heart palpitations with Valverde like I did with Jones and Rodney in similar situations.

      I guess we’ll see Raburn at leadoff again tomorrow night if Jackson gets more rest. With a righty going for the Nats does Leyland go with Avila or stick with Laird again?

  11. With a righty tomorrow I would expect Kelly in CF, and leading off (unless Professor Puff is feeling wild and bats Damon leadoff). This has the added appeal of following the rule of thumb that when a player breaks out of a slump he spends the following game polishing the pine.

  12. there isn’t any way in the world Laird bats tomorrow with the a RH pitcher going ..I mean no one in their right mind would put him in there……so book it Smokey will start Laird

      1. Well, obviously they are related. And bonus points for being old enough to know of Hawkwind, and yet being able to remember posts from, what, 2 months ago?

        Apparently Hammersmith, while once almost an industrial suburb of London, has become quite the posh place to live, and boasts such inhabitants as Hugh Grant, Roger Daltrey, Lily Allen, Mischa Barton, Sacha Baron Cohen, Alan Rickman, Gary Numan (?), and the dude who played Harry Potter. Which begs the question, if you lived there and had a neighborhood get-together and they all showed up, what would THAT be like?

        1. Oh dear, in the list of famous residents I left out Vidal Sassoon, what was I thinking? So we’ll all leave the barbeque with Adam Everett hair…

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