Comings and goings: C-Mo a Cub, Miner a Hen

The Tigers shipped Craig Monroe and some cash to the Chicago Cubs for a player to be named later. Later being before October 15th, and the player likely to be a pitcher on the 40 man roster according to Jason Beck.

With less than a million left on Monroe’s deal, I’m a little surprised that the Tigers had to send cash when what they are getting back is probably someone they don’t look to retain. My guess, is that the Tigers worked with Monroe and other clubs to find a team that Monroe wanted to go to and then made a deal work. It’s nothing the organization had to do, but it is a nice gesture to a player who was a big part of this team over the last few years. It’s the kind of thing that could pay dividends down the road. I also wonder if Trammell was an influence in the deal.

Also, as expected Zach Miner was optioned to Toledo to make room for Andrew Miller. From a roster management standpoint the move makes sense because Miner already is in an option year and can be recalled on September 1st. So you don’t lose anybody. From a performance standpoint, maybe it would have been wise to lose somebody though. I did notice that Jason Grilli wasn’t used in this series at home. I wonder if Leyland is looking to protect him, or if it was just the situations (Wednesday would have been the only game it would have made sense to use him – if you know what I mean).

Beck’s Blog: Craig Monroe to the Cubs
Miner optioned to Toledo – Detroit Tigers

5 thoughts on “Comings and goings: C-Mo a Cub, Miner a Hen”

  1. I like the gesture from the team towards Monroe. Before I looked at Beck’s blog I looked over the Cubs 40 man roster and Rapada came to mind, who Beck listed. Carmen Pignatiello could be a possibility.

  2. Thanks Rings. Everytime I see that jagoff in those glasses my blood starts to boil and I walk around for the next two hours trying desperately not to slap everyone I see….

  3. I thought I saw in the News this morning that they named Rapada, but I just went back and looked at it and it only hinted at him. I remember when I first read it I was surprised they would name the player before the trade was complete. Did they edit the online version?

    I’m not convinced it is time to give up on Grilli. At the all-star break last year I think opponents were only batting about .200 off him. He has the kind of STUFF DD would go look for. His fastball is around 95 and his breaking ball has some good bend to it. He just needs to throw early strikes. I don’t know if he sticks to a 4-seam or 2-seam fastball, but a 92-93 mph fastball with late movement can be pretty effective. Ask Jonsey.

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