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April 2005

So where will the wins come from

06.04.2005 1 comment

My thoughts all along this offseason were that the AL Central was getting better. The Twins will continue to be good, the Indians and Tigers are improving, and the White Sox are …mmmm… the White Sox. While I didn’t count on any of the four aforementioned teams being dominating, I thought they could all be […]

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As good as it gets

05.04.2005 1 comment

You know how when you’re looking forward to something so much, that as it approaches you start to fear that it will never live up to your expectations? That is what I was thinking yesterday morning. I’d been looking forward to the Opener for months, and I had built it up to be the best […]

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Opening Day

04.04.2005 13 comments

It’s finally here (sighs blissfully). That’s about all I can muster up this morning, as we sit on cusp of what should be Detroit’s first winning season since 1993. Jeremy Bonderman, the man who carries the Tigers’ hopes will also be carrying the ball today against the Royals. With a forecast in the low 60′s […]

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Previewing the Offense – Catcher, Outfield, and DH

02.04.2005 1 comment

Time to wrap up the season preview with catchers, outfield, and DH. The other previews are linked to below:RotationBullPenOffense-Infield CatcherThe desperate Tigers gave a desperate Pudge $40 million dollars last year and everybody seemed to benefit. Rodriguez was instrumental in the Tigers return to the 70 win range, and found himself in the MVP race […]

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Interviewing Ernie – Part 2

02.04.2005 5 comments

Continuing on with my interview with Ernie Harwell. Click here for part one. DTW: Since the format of the Veterans Committee was changed, there have been two elections, and nobody was elected. Do you think that?s appropriate, or do you think that the Committee will be changed again? EH: Well, I think they might tweak […]

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Interviewing Ernie – Part 1

01.04.2005 5 comments

For those who have lived in the metro Detroit area, there is one voice that is instantly equated with summer. That voice belongs to Mr. Ernie Harwell. Harwell called Tiger games from 1960 through his retirement in 2002 (except for a messy 1992 season). Prior to coming to Detroit, he worked for Baltimore, the NY […]

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Previewing the Offense – Infield Edition

01.04.2005 1 comment

Continuing in the season preview series, I’ll now take a look at the infield. To predict the offensive contributions I’ll be using Runs Created and Runs Created per 27 outs (RC27). Runs created in it’s shortest form is on base average times total bases. RC27 is the number of runs a team of 9 identical […]

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