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Fictionalizing Jeter

14.01.2008 26 comments

I’m sure many of you have seen the Gatorade commercial featuring numerous dramatic stills. It came to my attention when Ian blogged about it recently. The commercial is below. In the spot it appears that Jeter notches a game winning hit off of Todd Jones with Carlos Guillen turning away in disappointment. Through the wonder […]

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Jones’n a day late

13.11.2007 11 comments

The Tigers make 2 moves, and my internet connection flakes out that night. As such, I’ll just wrap the analysis into one post. Before getting into the individual evaluations I wanted to note that with the Todd Jones signing, the Tigers payroll has eclipsed the $100 million mark. I have it pegged at $102 right […]

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Tiger sign Todd Jones

12.11.2007 52 comments

The Tigers inked Todd Jones to a 1 year deal. If you’re keeping score at home, that’s 2 Joneses today. I’ll have more tonight. In the meantime here is a post looking at Jones’ 2007 season. Conference Call Notes People are happy. Todd is happy. Dave is happy. Jones’ kids are excited because they are […]

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Joel Zumaya to miss half of 2008

01.11.2007 63 comments

Joel Zumaya underwent shoulder surgery to repair an injury sustained while moving stuff in the fires.  The procedure was an AC joint reconstruction.  The Acromioclaviclular joint is the joint effected when you hear the term “separated shoulder.”  However this procedure isn’t one that is common amongst pitchers and Will Carroll notes that there aren’t any […]

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Newsflash: Rivera is better than Jones

14.10.2007 11 comments

Drew Sharp had a blurb in today’s Free Press in which he argued that “making a one-year commitment to Todd Jones for 2008 is still a better financial and competitive investment than giving Mariano Rivera three years at nearly $40 million.” It isn’t that assertion that bothers me. One could make an argument that an […]

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Leveraging Todd Jones

06.10.2007 22 comments

WPA Leaders Rank Name WPA 1 J.J. Putz 6.17 2 R. Betancourt 5.38 3 Takashi Saito 4.27 4 Heath Bell 4.12 5 Joakim Soria 3.85 6 J. Papelbon 3.72 7 Joe Nathan 3.63 8 F. Rodriguez 2.95 9 Hideki Okajima 2.93 10 Pat Neshek 2.83 11 Carlos Marmol 2.8 12 Brandon Lyon 2.8 13 J. […]

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Breaking down the Dombrowski pow-wow

01.10.2007 43 comments

Dave Dombrowski held court today in what was deemed an informal availability session and broached a number of topics.  Jason Beck was first to the web with the bullet points.  Definitely click through to Beck’s reporting, but I’ll weigh in on the bullets as well. Pudge Rodriguez No decision yet on Pudge and Dombrowski indicated […]

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Mike Rabelo – the anti-save

01.08.2007 26 comments

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but Todd Jones and Mike Rabelo don’t really go together. If Jones is peanut butter, Rabelo is asparagus and if you look back at the game logs you see that Mike Rabelo has caught half of games where Jones has allowed runs. Luckily it seems that Jim […]

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