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Cue the Duck!

My night with Fox Sports Detroit – continued

15.07.2009 5 comments

It is about 3 minutes before the the 7 p.m. start of the broadcast and producer Mark Iacofano is soaking up a little bit of fresh air. His chair in the truck is occupied by Chris Wasielewski who is wrapping up the Tigers Live pregame show.

As soon as the clock hits 7:00 the opening title sequence that was prepared 2 hours earlier hits the monitors.

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My night with Fox Sports Detroit

13.07.2009 18 comments

On Friday night I had the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes with Fox Sports Detroit to see everything that went into bringing a Tigers broadcast into your home every night. In Part One I chronicle the extensive preparation required for each broadcast and take a tour of the production truck.

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Mario Impemba provides Opening Day to Armed Forces

04.05.2009 3 comments

This is a note for any DTW readers serving in the Armed Forces (and I know there are some of you out there). It’s also just a nice note regardless: Transplanted Tigers fans currently serving the United States Armed Forces will now be able to celebrate Opening Day 2009 while on duty, home or abroad. […]

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